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10 Things to do on a long weekend when you have no plans

We didn’t really have plans for this weekend, to be honest the novelty of these long weekends has worn off somewhat.

It can get a little crazy in this house (or any house really) with four kids, 3 days and no plans.

So here’s a few ideas in case you find yourself here.

  1. You could take advantage of the stunning weather and have a braai with friend, sit outside and soak in the glorious sun while your children sit inside and watch TV.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  2. Or you could try to lay claim to your gorgeous soft blanket but snuggling up with it as often as possible showing your off spring that IT IS YOURS. (If you get this right please share your secrets.)Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  3. You could read to your child from the many books they own but never look at until you sit down and want you to read to them.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  4. You can try to take a selfie with your son who would rather jump around like a cricket than let you capture special, posed memories with him.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  5. Feeding your children cereal for dinner is highly recommended.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  6. Also putting Sesame Street on repeat while they eat (without a fight) is a great plan.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  7. Making a huge pot of food is a great idea, this way they will eat enough and stay full for….at least an hour before asking for peanut butter bread.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  8. You could send a child outside to paint a random piece of wood and instagram it and call it art. (Probably the best plan we had).Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  9. Suggest your toddler find something to do but understand that could mean climbing onto the window.Long Weekend|HarassedMom
  10. You could just go with the flow and enjoy the time with your family while making somebody something to eat every  5 minutes and sweeping at least 6 times a day and doing a million loads of washing.

What did you get up to this weekend?



  1. 2 May, 2016 / 8:17 pm

    Nicky already claimed that blanket! I like the wooden fence painting idea! We went to Hamleys on Sat. On Sunday I took Nicky to a park because I could see he was driving Brett mad and also today took him out to visit a friend. I’ve also caught up quite a bit of stuff and Nicky has also watched too much TV again…
    Heather recently posted…How to Paint in RainbowsMy Profile

  2. 3 May, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    I got back home to a snotty nosed who then followed me around the house for houes saying mommmmy in a sulky tone, and cooking and cleaning but also got some blog work so it wasnt really that bad

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