Sorry I am late….again

Every evening before I go to bed I plan the next day. I have a weekly planner so know what needs to get done each day but in the evening I plan the agenda. In my head it works out so well.

This morning the plan was…..
8h00 – 9h00 – Gym
9h15 – Home, fetch big kids and drop them at Debby
9h30 – Leave Debby and go to wedding venue
10h30 – Wedding venue

The morning went something like this…..

8h10 – leave home
8h25 – check Jack into Club V
8h30 – get into pool
8h58 – get out of pool and realise I won’t be able to do the rest of my workout
9h10 – get Jack, leave gym
9h30 – get big kids
9h45 – leave Debby’s to go to wedding venue
10h31 – get to Wedding venue (this was where I got lucky and overestimated how long it would take me to get to the venue.


THIS is how it goes EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am never on time any more and it drives me INSANE!!!!!!

I used to be on time. I hate being late. I would nag David, nag the kids but on time we would be!

I don’t know when it all fell apart but it has fallen apart. We were an hour late for the wedding decor day we planned on Friday – MY wedding decor and I was an hour late!

There are days where we actually start getting out the house well within our time but then actually end up in the car 5 minutes later than planned which by the time we are at the complex gate has morphed into 20 minutes late!

Jack has a bag that is permanently packed – we may need to add in a jacket or a shirt or something but for the most part we can just grab it and go. I just don’t know where we loose track of the time but I don’t like it.

I am that friend that is always late now. Even if I don’t have kids with me I can’t seem to get my stuff together. It is so frustrating.

Are you good at being on time? Does it bug you if people are late?



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  1. I used to be pedantic about being on time but since having kids I have definitely chilled.
    Being 30 minutes to an hour late is acceptable but when someone is over 2 hours late, that irritates me!

    Love Jacks hairdo in the first pic. Is that his wake up hair or did you style it like that? 🙂

  2. I’m always early, which causes me to spend half my life waiting for other people. I can’t change it so whatever. At least you try to be on time. There are people who just don’t care..

  3. We are nearly always at least 30 minutes late for everything. It sucks. But I blame the kids. There is always something unexpected to deal with, like this morning when Riya decided to poo on the floor – as one does. Over share? Maybe. But it’s totally true!

  4. I am only late if it is someone outside my household keeping us. Otherwise, no. I think this is due to the fact that I get up so early and have time to prepare things before kids get up.

  5. It bugs me a lot! I’m generally about half an hour early for everything. Most people know that about me already, if I’m going to come – I’ll be early, so don’t leave your shower till the last minute unless you want to open the door wearing a towel. 😉

    Have you considered that your watch might be behind? Mwahaha…

  6. I feel so much better now. I thought it can’t possibly just be me…that’s late ALL the time!!!! No matter what I do…. Even if I prep the day before…. Or get up hours before everyone else…. Sure as hell we will NOT be on time.
    I must add that each and every watch/clock that you encounter in our house will read a different time 🙂 purely to give you a buffer so that you’re not TOO late for whatever. And also that, when I moved out of the house, I vowed that I will NOT rush through life. I will stop and smell the roses…- My mother is beyond punctual!!!pAin in the ass punctual actually – if she says we’re leaving at 7, she leaves at 6:45! True story – ask my husband who was at the time my boyfriend when witnessing this….

    Each to his own, I suppose. If you really want me to be punctual then I will be sans Dude and Dudie. But other than that I will get there when I get there….

  7. I hate being late. Child1 does too. It makes him extremely anxious and he usually cries. I suspect that Child2 will be the same once he becomes aware of time – he is extremely pedantic about a great number of things already.
    I am usually on time ONLY iF I don’t have to wait for my DH.
    The way I accomplish this is to do EVERYTHING at night. Packing bags, putting out stuff for breakfast, putting out clothing etc. And then I still try to leave about 20 minutes before I planned to leave to make provision for traffic etc. It’s not always easy with the kids but now that Child1 is aware of time, it does make life a lot easier. Having said that, I do think that you need to cut yourself some slack. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control and it is possible to misjudge the amount of time that it can take to get to a place.
    My DH on the other hand has no respect for time. Except for work. He is never late for work. Only for everything else. HE goes ballistic when I plan and do stuff at night in order for us to be on time. Says he will not be governed by the time. The kids and I just leave without him.
    Btw…I have a friend who is a chronic latecomer. She is WORSE than my DH. Drives me NUTS! And she sees nothing wrong with it which makes it even worse. She doesn’t even try! At least you try. Cut yourself some slack.

  8. I used to be on time – now I am always 20 minutes late. It drives me insane. LOVE Jack’s hair in the first pic – classic 21st material pic that 😉


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