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5 Christmas Crafts Under R50

Times are tough. We are all looking for ways to save money and stay within our budgets. Crafts don’t have to be expensive, in fact, more often than not you will find you have a lot of stuff you can use lying around your house. I have partnered with the Crazy Store to creat Christmas Crafts for Under R50. It wasn’t as hard as you may think and we managed to create so many really fun decorations.

Paper Christmas Crafts – Paper is the cheapest, easiest thing to create magic with. We used corrugated cardboard for these crafts and it was so much fun playing around with it. It is not as easy to work with as plain cardboard but is worth it for something a little different. The nice thing about these crafts is you can use them anywhere – you can hang them on your tree, make banners, stick them on windows etc. The pack of assorted cardboard we used was R29.99. All of the other items used we had around the house.

Ice-cream stick Christmas Decorations – This is a great activity to do when the kids are complaining they are bored. It is also really easy to do and perfect for kids of all ages. If you get this activity pack then it has everything in that you need for all these crafts and it is only R29.99

Joy Canvas Art – This was my favourite craft out of all 5 of them. We used the small A5 canvases, they are R14.99 each. I used two different colour paints but we had these at home already. The paints are R19.99 each and I used very little for this craft.

Chalkboard Advent Calendar – What an easy craft this was. All you need is a chalkboard vinyl, which is only R49.99. It comes with chalk, so you just design the calendar you want. When Christmas is over, you can clean it and let your kids use it to draw on.

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree – As you know we are all about minimal living (well trying to be). While I am not about to give up our Christmas tree just yet, I am playing around with options. We have a lot of wood that David has collected so I gave this DIY wooden tree a try. It came out really nicely. I used a green acrylic paint that was R19.99 and I still have over half of the tube left.

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree | HarassedMom

Obviously there were other items used in some of the crafts like glue and string. These items last for ages and can be used for more than one craft. We had a tube of Khoki glue and we still have a lot left. The string also goes far and we used it for some of our Halloween crafts as well.

Crafts really don’t have to be expensive. The Crazy Store is our go-to store because they have a great range of affordable art and craft supplies.

Disclaimer: I was sent these craft supplies by the Crazy Store in exchange for a blog post. The craft ideas are my own.


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  1. 5 November, 2019 / 3:21 pm

    Ah these are such awesome Christmas craft ideas! Time to head to The Crazy Store! Megan xx

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