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5 Quick Friday Night Dinners

Friday nights are burger nights in our house. It started out because Woolworths had their burger patties on special every Friday and they are the only place that had 12 pack burger patties. It has stuck and we know all look forward to burger night.

Most Friday nights Jack and Emma sleep over at David’s mom so they are my “off” night and burgers mean dinner is also super simple, quick and easy. No one feels like cooking on a Friday night (or ever :-p). Every now and then we do have something different but it is always something quick and easy.

Burgers: Woolies have a Friday night special that includes burger patties, buns and cheese. Burgers are super easy to make, add some oven chips and you can be done in 15 minutes. (Or you can get the kids to cook them).

Nachos: Jack and I love nachos and I could eat them every night. They are so easy to make, grate some cheese, cook some mince (if you feel like it), or throw a tin of beans over the chips, top with cheese and voila you have dinner. 5 Quick Friday Night Dinners|HarassedMom

Finger food platter: I love this meal, when we make it the younger kids eat the most. Cut up some ham, peppers, cheese, carrots, gherkins or anything else you have in the fridge.

Pizza: At around 17h00 every day, Checkers have their fresh produce on special including their pizza’s. I often grab a few and the kids pop them in the microwave when they are ready to eat. Plain pizza bases can also work and get everyone to add their own toppings. 5 Quick Friday Night Dinners|HarassedMom

Bubble and squeak: Who had this growing up? It is basically taking whatever you have in the fridge and making something. I have made some of my best dishes this way. The beauty is if you use left overs, its all already cooked so you just need to heat it up, add your sauce and eat!

What are some of your quick dinners? 

5 Quick Friday Night Dinners|HarassedMom


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  1. 28 August, 2020 / 10:42 am

    I had no idea Woolworths had that Friday burger special – that sounds fantastic. Fridays are also burger nights at our house because everyone loves them and after a long week I deserve to be able to make something quick and easy where there are no moans that come with the meal. I usually buy the frozen Steers patties but I will check out Woolworths today and see if they have that special. Fridays are our fun day – we eat burgers, relax and watch movies.

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