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5 Reasons your child should play KFC mini-cricket

Who has been or is currently doing KFC mini-cricket with their little ones? We did it with Cameron and it really is super cute to watch. It is a great way to get them involved in sports from an early way because it is organised and they learn the rules of the game. 

Obviously sport is a fun way for kids to stay fit but there are so many other benefits to getting your child involved in something like KFC Mini-Cricket.

  1. Mini-cricket helps with hand-eye co-ordination. This is one of the best sports to help kids with their hand eye-coordination because any position they are in, needs to the focus on this. A lot of the practise activities involve catching and throwing.
  2. Cricket builds stamina. Cricket is not a quick game, even mini-cricket. It can move pretty quickly or it can be pretty slow which teachers he players stamina, they have to stick it out and stay focused until the end. 
  3. It encourages team work. Cricket is a team sport. Every person has a role to play and if they don’t do what they need to, the team will suffer.
  4. Practise makes perfect. Kids soon learn that the more effort they put in, the better they will get and the more results they will achieve.
  5. KFC Mini-cricket also teaches kids that sport can be fun. Yes, sport is about winning and being the best but it can also be fun. KFC Mini-Cricket |HarassedMom

If your child is part of a KFC Mini-Cricket team then this is some really exciting news. This is a really cool competition and the prize amazing.

This cricket season, KFC has launched a unique national competition where 3 lucky KFC Mini-Cricket teams can stand a chance to join their Protea heroes on Tour for their next KFC T20 Internationals in South Africa. 

The KFC Mini-Cricket Kids Join the Proteas On Tour competition will be shaking up the cricket calendar and giving the KFC Mini-Cricket kids yet another reason to play their favourite game, their way.

The winning teams will be part of many awesome moments with the Proteas. Day one will involve an intense warm-up session ahead of the KFC T20 International match, seeing the Proteas behind the scenes in a personal locker room experience and then running onto the pitch with them. There will be many chances to take selfie’s, sign autographs and high five your favourite cricketing hero while on Tour. After a fun-filled day one, the match day will be having the young fans very excited. The kids will also be part of the formal proceedings such as throwing the coin toss which starts the day, singing the national anthem and the main highlight being the kids getting active on the boundaries as ball boys or girls.

Schools and teams across the country can get involved by simply dialling *120*7535# or visiting kfc.co.za/minicricket to enter. Entry opens from the 29th of July and closes on the 16th of September 2018.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 



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    How cool is that! I wish we had that here


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