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6 Things I Love About The Winter School Holidays

I know parents don’t always look forward to the longer holidays but I have really enjoyed having the kids at home for the last few holidays. Instead of trying to full our days during the holidays, when we chill during the break it helps us all to recharge.

Now that we homeschool we don’t really have holidays but the dynamics do change because Cameron is here. I have never been to strict with our routines but I do like some sort of routine, it does help to keep everyone calm. So this holiday we are still learning, even if it isn’t sitting at the table doing formal Maths an English.

The end of the year summer holidays are special because it is Christmas and it means family but there is something special about the winter holidays.

We get to stay in bed later. Staying in bed late is the best thing about winter. Emma takes ages to wake up, she moves from her bed to our bed and during winter we take it super slow getting up.

No school runs in the cold. This is probably the best part of any school holidays but especially in winter. Cameron has to be at the bus at 6h10. It is freaking cold at 6h10 in the morning.

Comfort food. I think this is the best part for me personally. The younger kids aren’t fans of stews and soups but I love putting them in the slow cooker and letting them full the house with their delicious aromas. My kids are more about pasta and cake as their comfort food. There is something about winter that makes me want to cook and bake more.

Hot chocolate. Add some marshmallows and you have the best winter treat ever!!!

Braai’s. I am not really fan of eating braai meat but I do love braaing, especially in Winter. Sitting around a roaring fire with friends is so special. Potjies are the best thing about braais in winter.

Movie time with warm winter blankets. We watch a lot of movies during the winter holidays. Sitting on the couch, all wrapped in fleece blankets is one of my favourite things to do.

Our house is freezing cold and I long for warmer days a lot during winter but I do love the winter holidays a little bit more than I do the summer ones.

Which holiday is your favourite?


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  1. 26 June, 2019 / 6:41 pm

    Hello Laura,
    Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading your posts.
    I love summer holidays but winter holidays are awesome for i and my kids. I love to bake and there’s no better time than the winter holidays to do so. Those days are reserved for cuddling up in my Christmas pajamas, on the couch, with my hot chocolate and puppy, watching Christmas movies and then i get to walk around the Christmas tree farm and pick out the perfect tree for my home.
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