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7 Home Office Must Haves

Office Must Haves|HarassedMomSetting up a home office can take some time, and be a little frustrating because it is not like in a company office, where if you need something you can grab it from the stationery cupboard or your colleague, at home you actually have to go out and buy it.

Writing from home was one thing, all I pretty much needed was pretty coloured pens and hundreds of notebooks, all with half written lists and ideas in them. Now that I am working properly from I need a few more things!

Coloured pens (and other basic stationery)! I have to refill this almost monthly because Kiara is a bit of a magpie and keeps taking my stuff but I need 3 or 4 different colour pens, mainly so I can write each persons activtities on my calendar in a different colour. I also have a draw of random stationery like paper clips, bull clips, drawing pins, prestik and what not.  This little set was part of a blog drop from Woolworths.Home Office Must Haves|HarassedMom

A printer. Regardless of what you do, invest in a good little printer and scanner combo. Someone always needs something signed and sent back to them, so a printer is a must have.

Folders. I bought these folders from Typo ages ago and they come in so handy to organise family paperwork – there is one for medical bills, car stuff etc. I use them for work too now, we don’t have much long term filing but there is paperwork I need to keep until so these are ideal and they are super pretty.

Home Office Must Haves|HarassedMom

A calendar/diary. I have mentioned a few times I have a calendar where I write all my kids stuff on for the month and then I use the Tickled Blue weekly planner that is on the fridge. I need to be able so see the next 3 months so I can plan and make sure we don’t overbook or that I don’t overextend myself. I am actually using Outlook a lot now to plan my actual days.

Notebooks. Always notebooks. I have one for my Weigh-less stuff and one for blogging stuff, there is also one I used on holiday for making lists of things to get at the shops, which I was actually pretty good with. Whatever you use them for, you can never have too many notebooks. Mr Price and Woolworths both have some really cool ones at the moment.

Home Office Must Haves|HarassedMom


A good chair. You need a good chair. Spend a little bit extra on getting a comfortable one that is the right height. This is so important, the wrong chair can cause back pain, shoulder pain and generally just be uncomfortable. 

Inspiration. Every office needs some inspiration. I have a wall of postcards, inspiring words and messages. 

Office Must Haves|HarassedMom

Share some of your favourite home office essentials.




  1. 13 January, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    Thank you for this lovely list.

  2. 2 June, 2017 / 2:45 pm


    Totally agree with most of the things in the list. I would like to add that having plants is a little bit underrated. They are a great value to be added to every office or home. Simply try it. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable without even realizing it.


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