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7 Reasons I Love Our Fresh Food Delivery Box

I have been looking at fresh food delivery boxes for a while now. Emma’s old school used to be a drop-off point for a company and one of the mom’s from swimming was using one. BUT the biggest negative was that the boxes were too small for us. We are a family of 6 plus Jane, most food is packaged for a family of 4 and buying double is often just too much.

This year I have been trying really hard to reduce our single plastic use. So I was looking into buying veggie bags to buy the unpackaged produce but then discovered Farm Fresh Online. (I was dropping Cameron off at swimming and noticed their vehicle doing deliveries.) I checked out their boxes and decided to give them a try!

These are the top 10 reasons why I love them

  • The box is completely plastic-free. The smaller items come in brown bags, which can be recycled or reused. They make cool gift bags if you add some string or get the kids to paint them.
  • The box is enough for us. I have been buying the large fruit and veg box and it is enough for us and lasts just short of 2 wees. I do have to buy more bananas (Cameron eats a lot of bananas for swimming) and potatoes (Kiara survives on potatoes only.)
  • It is cost-effective. My budget is super tight and this particular box works for our budget. I was spending up to R300 a week on fresh fruit and veggies, the large box with Farm Fresh is R440 and lasts us 2 weeks. It also limits my trips to the store which means I am not buying things I don’t need.
  • We are getting fruit and vegetables we don’t normally buy. Each box is different depending on what is in season and Kiara and I love this! We received blueberries and strawberries one week and it was like Christmas. The latest box had fresh asparagus, which both David and I both love but seldom buy.
  • The produce is fresh from local farmers. Everything we have received has been really good quality but is not perfectly shaped or uniform in size, so you can see it’s naturally grown, which is important to us.
  • It is delivered to my door. This added convenience is a bonus. It arrives on the same day each week so we know exactly what to expect.
  • The produce is delicious. We received 6 of the most perfect avos I have ever tasted. The baby tomatoes are like sweets and the apples are delicious.

There are a lot of businesses that offer similar products and services. This is just the one that works for us, largely because they don’t use plastic at all. Even our cucumbers arrived unwrapped in anything. A lot of the other boxes I found, still add items that are wrapped in plastic.

Some of the services also offer additional products like milk, honey, eggs. I am keen to switch our milk over to a more natural option but the dairy linked to the Farm Fresh box still uses plastic containers and is a little outside my budget right now.

If you are not keen on a service like this or don’t have one in your area, get some of these bags and try to reduce the amount of plastic you are buying.

If you are using one of these services I would love to hear how it is going.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post nor did I receive any product in exchange for a review. I have paid for all the boxes we have received.


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