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{8 weeks to Christmas} DIY Christmas Cards

Countdown to ChristmasI have been very bad over the years with Christmas cards. I generally give to the people I know I will see and do make sure the grandparents all get. 

I do try to make as many of the cards and tags as I can because they its cheaper, more personal and a great craft project. 

This year I am super organised and used my 50 free prints from QPhoto to print a family photo that I am using as our Christmas card. Cool hey? DIY Christmas Cards|HarassedMom

I have found some really easy DIY Christmas cards on Pinterest though that you can make with stuff lying around your house, and if you are feeling extra patient you can even get the kids to help.

I sent this to Marcia because I think it is so cute and so easy to make, I am pretty sure you can even buy heart cut outs if you don’t have a stamp.DIY Christmas Cards|HarassedMom

These are nice to do for grandparents or even teachers. Let the kids have some fun and then you can draw the reindeers.

DIY Christmas Cards|HarassedMom

This is super super easy, all you need is blank cards and some glitter glue and little stars. You can get Merry Christmas stamps at most stationery/craft shops or even a sticker will do (Typo had last years stock on sale recently – I picked up books of stickers for R20)

DIY Christmas Cards|HarassedMom

This is almost as easy as the one above and a nice one for kids to do. You can use newspaper or anything that you have actually.

DIY Christmas Cards|HarassedMom

I am definitely going to try these, we have hundreds of buttons left over from Emma’s Cute as a Button Party.

DIY Christmas Cards|HarassedMom

All of these ideas and more are on my Christmas Pinterest board!

Do you do Christmas cards? Do you make them? Buy them?



  1. 30 October, 2015 / 7:47 pm

    Wow! These are really cute!

    This year I bought store ones. They just say jingle bells and I bought some bell ornaments from Game that I’m going to use with them to wrap.
    Louisa recently posted…Odin’s dirty diaperMy Profile

  2. 2 November, 2015 / 8:11 pm

    I adore those button ones – I’m going to try them.

    We do a combination – I like making for the grandparents and it’s a craft at the same time… and I generally buy only enough to tide us over. I think I may have about 3 – 4 in a pack left from last year but every year the cards get fewer…. so we find we don’t have to send out so many.

    My favourite ones to make have been the washi tape Christmas trees and the twig ones – you put a small twig down the middle and washi tape across to both keep the twig in place and fashion a Christmas tree. Here they are: http://www.the123blog.com/2013/11/create-washi-tape-christmas-cards.html
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted…Laura is a geniusMy Profile

    • Laura-Kim
      4 November, 2015 / 11:06 am

      I remember those from last year Marcia – also so quick and easy!

  3. 6 February, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    Nice ideas there Laura. I usually make my own stamps by cutting shapes and symbols on rubber then use some ink to make prints. I am going to try out some of these, really nice. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great job.


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