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A few apps, websites and more that you need to know about

This is a little bit of a round up post of websites, apps and more that are currently making my life easier!

Interesting Apps|HarassedMom

Sirkle – this is still in the launch phase but I think it is going to be super cool when it is fully launched and up and running. Basically what it does is show you where any specials are in your area. I think it is so cool. So if you want to see where lunch time specials are in an area, you just search for that and the specials will pop up. 

mCent – if you have kids or are on prepaid, you will know that data is like gold. There just never seems to be enough right? This app offers you free data for surfing the net. It is such a cool idea. The more you browse, the more points you earn which translates into data. Cool hey? It does take some getting used to though but you can set it as the default browser to make it easier. 

Baby College – New moms and moms with little ones, do you know about the Baby College? It is such a great centre aimed at the development of children. They offer classes, workshops and so much more. Pop in if you are in the Fourways area and have a look 

MySchool App – did you know there is a MySchool app now? If you have a card already you can sign up and use your phone to earn your points. I am such a big fan of this organisation and this makes it so much easier to earn the points you need for your chosen organisations. 

AppForType – this is such a cool app for editing images for Instagram or anywhere actually. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

What are some of the things making your life easier?

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