2014 – the year that was!

It is only when you look back over the year that you can say, for certain, whether it was a good, bad or ugly year. You can’t really do that when you are living it because it either seems all bad or all good, depending on what you are going through. 2013 was a good […]

News Years Inspiration – My word

I joined this blog challenge over at Another Girly Blog and I nearly missed the deadline with all our holidaying and what not but here it is. My inspiration for the year ahead. My word. I actually wasn’t planning a word for this year but this one kind of found me on old years eve […]

2013 – A year in review

I have been battling to write my year in review post – there is lots to say but I am in full holiday mode and I have discovered the series Suits so I am battling to focus. This one will have to do for now – hopefully between now and tomorrow I can come up […]

Merry Christmas and all that!

It is all over so quickly isn’t it? We wait all year for the time with family and friends, we plan menus, write lists, save, book holidays, spend hours wrapping, putting elves on shelves and then it’s over! The turkey is eaten, the gamon flattened and the roast potatoes fought over! We had such a […]

Something someone told you about yourself that you will never forget

I have been thinking about this one all day. So many people tell us things every day that we react to and that effect us, sometimes even unconsciously. There are two things though that stick out for me. The first one was a message a very special lady wrote in my first wedding card – […]

Weird rashes

About two weeks ago I noticed a small rash on Jack’s legs. It started as little bumps – just on his lower legs. They weren’t red and didn’t seem to fuss him much so I left it. Then it started getting a little more raised and red – not bright red but clearly visible but […]

Socialising and what not

Thanks so much for all the comments yesterday 🙂 Seems all I need to do to get you lot to comment is ask random questions. It would appear I am more “normal” than David thinks 🙂 I hate wearing shoes so as soon as I get home I kick them off and David hates this. […]

A few random questions

In so many ways David and I are chalk and cheese. He is order and logic and I am creativity and chaos. So we argue a lot. Not in a bad way but David also likes to be right – so there are many “But thats NOT how it is” kind of arguments. So I […]

Buffelspoort Triathalon

David has entered the Ironman next year so has started doing triathalons now in preparation for next year and so Cameron decided to enter the kids triathalon. It was held at the Buffelspoort Dam near Rustenburg so we packed the cooler boxes and all headed out at 5h00 this morning. The adults race first and […]