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An Update In The Time of Corona

What a time to be alive, right!

It certainly has been a crazy couple of weeks, not only here in South Africa but all across the world.

When it was announced that we needed to practice social distancing, nothing much changed for Kiara, Jack, Emma and I. We stay home most days and have a routine that allows for us to school and get work done. It was also nearly holidays so I didn’t really think much about it.

What I totally didn’t factor in was that Cameron and David would both be home, in our space. It has been an adjustment for us all. While David does work from home, he is never actually home. He works in sales so is out and about most days. Cameron is rarely home, he goes to school then to swimming so his time at home was limited. Suddenly we found ourselves all here, all the time and if I am honest the first week was a bit of a mess.

David makes a lot of calls and needs quiet during those calls. The kids don’t want to be quiet, they want food. I received a lot of work in suddenly last week which meant I was racing crazy deadlines, so I needed time to work. Cameron was incredibly frustrated and bored. We were all a little tense and there was a lot more shouting than needed to be and we were all a little frazzled by the weekend. So we took the weekend off and did nothing but spend time with the kids. I regrouped, set up a work schedule and the new week started off better.

It is still not easy. David and I are both still working, I am fortunate enough to still have writing work coming in and David is seeing clients via Zoom. The kids need food (constantly) and while they do entertain themselves they need us to be engaged.

Right now the juggle is very very real but there are still loads more positives and we are enjoying the time together. I like spending time with my kids so we are making the most of the time together.

Of course they are loud and messy and the washing is never ending. Yes I am exhausted and tired of answering a million questions. I do snap and shout every now and then. I also wonder every day if there is enough food in the world to satiate my kids appetite. It is not easy.

But it is what is right now! We have no choice about what happens at the moment so I figure lets just make the most of it and create some memories our kids will remember forever.

Instead of stressing about your clean house (it is probably not going to be clean for the next 21 days), worrying about school work, trying to get the kids to be quiet or getting the washing up to date (again, not happening), be like Elsa and LET IT GO!!!

Sleep late, watch too much TV, work a little if you need to, eat all the Fluffies, bake cake, paint your nails and just enjoy the time you have been given with your family.

It won’t make things less stressful but why sit and stress about something you can’t change, when you could be holding dance parties in your lounge and creating special memories with your kids.

Tell me how you are doing? Are you still working? How are your kiddos doing?


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