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Are you taking a daily probiotic? Here are 5 reasons you should be.

Why you need to take a daily probiotic | HarassedMomI will admit that until very recently I thought you only needed a probiotic when you took a strong antibiotic. As I learn more about gut health I am realising that we all should be taking a probiotic daily, even if we don’t have obvious gut issues.

What is a probiotic?

The dictionary defines it as:

  1. denoting a substance which stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora).
Metagenics explain them as follows:
Probiotics are live microorganisms that are beneficial to health. Via effects on the microbiome and on the human body itself, probiotics may impact every facet of health.*
From those definitions the main point is that probiotics are beneficial. 
So how are they beneficial? 
  1. They help balance the good and the bad bacteria. I never knew that a lot of our overall health comes from our gut. Probiotics help to colonise the good bacteria so your body is able to fight off bacterial infections.
  2. Probiotics help with absorption. The villi of the intestinal wall increase the total surface are of your intestinal wall which helps with absorption. A daily probiotic helps to rebuild and repair these villi. If they are not repaired, you could end up suffering from leaky gut and associated conditions. You are also not able to absorb food if these are damaged.
  3. Your mood will improve. This was another fun fact for me to discover but the good bacteria in your tummy produce nervous system chemicals that help to regulate and enhance your mood. About 95% of your body’s serotonin is produced in your gut. True story!!!
  4. Improved appearance of your skin. If you have tried various skincare products but nothing seems to be working, perhaps you need a probiotic? We all know skin issues are often caused by nutritional and hormonal imbalances. These issues all start in the gut. So if you improve your gut health and your body is better able to absorb nutrients the your skin will also improve. 
  5. A good probiotic can help you maintain and possible even lose weight. Research points to a balanced gut increasing your metabolism which can help with weight loss. 

Everything, it appears, begins in your gut which is why it is so important to do whatever you can to maintain your balance in your gut.

One of the ways to do this is through a daily probiotic. You can also increase your fermented food intake. 

I have been taking the Metagenics UltraFlora Balance for just over a month and I am starting to really feel the difference. I wasn’t convinced that I actually need to take one but I am now and will definitely keep taking this!! Why you need to take a daily probiotic | HarassedMom

It is not something you can take for a while, then stop and hope everything stays balanced. You need to keep taking it. I am also increasing the amount of fermented food I eat and drink because I do think you need to look at gut health holistically. 

The next step is to get the kids onto the Metagenics Kids as soon as possible to try get their gut balanced and healthy. 

There are a few probiotic brands out there but I was really impressed with this one and how I could actually feel a difference. This is one of those products that you can’t really get the cheapest one on the market. 

You can find out more about Metagenics and their various products on their website and you can buy them at Wellness Warehouse

Why you need to take a daily probiotic | HarassedMom



  1. 4 September, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    I am a huge fan of probiotics. They helped my infant daughter with constipation issues and helped me a ton in the postpartum period.

    • Laura-Kim
      9 September, 2018 / 8:36 am

      They really can help with pretty much everything 🙂

  2. 5 September, 2018 / 3:02 am

    I have been meaning to start taking a probiotic forever. Thank you for the reminder that I really need to start!

    • Laura-Kim
      9 September, 2018 / 8:30 am

      I also kept putting it off but so glad I just did it.

  3. 5 September, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    I’ve been reading into probiotics lately. I even have some samples and never use them because I keep debating it. I just don’t want to have to depend on it. Thank you for the information. A lot of the benefits are soooo appealing. I’m going to see if I start taking it.

    • Laura-Kim
      9 September, 2018 / 8:29 am

      I don’t think they are a dependency type medication. They just help to stabilise and balance everything 🙂

  4. 5 September, 2018 / 4:44 pm

    Been struggling with my daughter with asma. In and out of hospitals, she used antibiotics for 3 months straight over May, June and July. She just didn’t get better… one day I read an article about probiotics and how different strains can assist with different types of illnesses. I immediately jumped in my car and went to my nearest pharmacy, the pharmacist gave me Entiro, 2 months now and haven’t been to the doctor’s office since. Her nose does get stuffy, but the next day its gone. Usually it developed into a bad upper airway infection, bronchitis and then pneumonia. So glad i came across that artical. It does work!

    • Laura-Kim
      9 September, 2018 / 8:28 am

      I am so glad it has worked for you guys!! Having sick kids is so stressful so I am glad they helped.

  5. 6 September, 2018 / 3:42 pm

    Very informative post! I’ve been taking probiotics for awhile and I give it to my kids. One of my little guys love kefir every morning (we call it yogurt milk because if we called it kefir I’m sure he would t touch it!) My 4 month old who has been on antibiotics since birth so probiotics are so helpful for him too.

    • Laura-Kim
      9 September, 2018 / 8:26 am

      WOW. Well done on getting your child to take kefir! I haven’t tried it yet but I have heard it doesn’t have a nice taste.

  6. 7 September, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    I am a PA and recommend probiotics to my patients all the time!

    • Laura-Kim
      9 September, 2018 / 8:24 am

      That’s great. People don’t realise how good they are.

  7. 10 September, 2018 / 7:22 am

    I haven’t used them yet but I really need to !

  8. 10 September, 2018 / 6:34 pm

    I should be using a probiotic. I have Crohn’s disease and it should help me especially.

  9. 10 September, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    As part of our daily diet, we take a lot of yoghurt which is probiotic rich in itself.. our meal is actually not complete without yoghurt/curds/buttermilk in some form or the other 🙂

  10. 13 September, 2018 / 6:32 am

    Our family uses probiotics on a daily basis. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen from taking them is that they are healthier all around. They don’t catch near as many viruses that are on the rampage and if they do, they get over them very quickly.

  11. 30 September, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    Thank you for your detalied information on the subject. I have never consider on taking probiotic, but will certainly do.

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