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Beautiful Earth – Did it stand up to the test


We received a hamper of Beautiful Earth Baby products to try out. Now before you ask me if I have a new baby, no I do not. Emma would really love a new baby, she is currently very unhappy about being the youngest in the family but our family has reached capacity!

I was keen to try out these products was because they are natural and you all know that this is becoming a priority for me. Baby products are designed for delicate, sensitive skins which means they are gentle on the skin and often have ingredients that help with eczema and related skin conditions. All four of my kids often break out in a rash of tiny little bumps on their upper arms and sometimes upper legs, its not itchy and doesn’t seem to bother them but I think it is triggered by a product we use. 

We have been using the products we received for about 2 weeks now and so far I am super impressed with most of them.

The Bath and Massage Oil – Twice a year Cameron has hell week at school. They swim twice a day for 5 days. They are in the pool for around 5 hours a day. By the 4th day he smells like a tub of chlorine and his skin is so dehydrated, despite using creams daily. I gave this oil to him to try out for that week (and the days after), it didn’t completely re-hydrate his skin but it definitely helped to combat the dryness. We have just started adding it to Emma’s bath to see if it is going to help with our night time routine. 

This oil has both lavender and chamomile in and we all know that both of these have calming effects on people. These oils combined with the benefits of massage can help settle an overstimulated baby. Adding a few drops into the bath of an older child will also help to calm them before you start your bedtime routine.

This is pretty reasonably priced for an oil containing essential oils. It is R104 for 100ml. (If you buy the Therapeutic Baby Box, it works out a little cheaper).

Baby Hair and Body Wash with Calendula and Mandarin – Last week I asked on both Facebook and Instagram for help with our bedtime routine with Emma. I received so many valuable tips and ideas. A lot of people suggested we do bedtime straight after bath time, which we are now doing and we started using this body wash for her. The main essential oils used are calendula and mandarin but it also does contain lavender. Emma has been using this for 3 nights so far and while I don’t want to jinx it, bed times are getting calmer. 

Before I used this for Emma I was using it as a face wash. I have been battling extremely oily skin recently and the 2 face washes and cleansers I have haven’t been working so I thought I would give it a try. It has definitely helped to stabilise my skin a little bit. 

As a body wash I like this product but as a shampoo I am not sure. Every natural shampoo I have tried has the same issue, it doesn’t foam and it’s hard to lather it and wash Emma’s hair. That said though, it brings out the curl in Emma’s hair, I can’t really explain that but after washing her hair it goes straight but with this one it dries with the curls.

This isn’t a cheap product, especially for one you are going to be using daily but that said, the pump action makes it easy to control the use and you do only need a little bit for babies. We have been using this for over 2 weeks and the bottle doesn’t feel half way empty yet, so it will last more than a month.

Barrier Cream – When I posted that we had received this package, someone mentioned they thought it was the best cream for bites, scratches and general kid einas. We haven’t had to deal with any of those yet but I am definitely going to try it out for that. 

What we used this for is a face moisturiser. If there is a cream in the house, Cameron will use it. The chlorine in the pool sucks the life out of this skin so he uses anything and everything and he mentioned that this cream was making his face super soft. So I gave it a try and he is right. It does work well as a moisturiser.

This barrier cream also has calendula and lavender in, so you can use it as a cream on older kids if you want the benefits of the lavender. Calendula has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect for a barrier cream and explains why it helps for bites and stings. 

Breathe Easy Chest Rub – I have not had a reason to use this product yet. I do know a few of you are always looking for natural ways to help your kids breathe easier and this is a good one to consider. It has eucalyptus and spearmint as its main essential oils.  Eucalyptus oil helps for coughs as well as congestion and has anti-bacterial properties. Spearmint is linked to helping with sore throats, the common cold and headaches.

The cost of the rub is R54, which is very reasonable for a natural product.

Body Lotion with May Chang and Calendula – I love the fragrance of this lotion. It has a strong lemon fragrance that makes you want to put more and more on. May Chang is good for so many things and some refer to it as the feel good oil but it has so many more benefits, including being an insect repellent. 

You can buy all these products individually but buying the Baby Box works out cheaper than buy each item, I would definitely start with that. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, this is a great one. 

I started reading up about essential oils just before we received these products and so seeing how they work has been interesting and I can definitely see the benefits so far. I am considering getting a diffuser to start using the oils in a more “pure” form. 

If natural products and essential oils are something important to you, give these products a try. If you have a baby struggling to sleep, then you have to try these.



  1. 16 October, 2018 / 12:46 am

    I am not sure this brand is available in the US, but you have me intrigued to look and see if I can find it! We all have very sensitive skin, so finding products that keep us moisturized and avoiding flare-ups are high priority for my family.

  2. 16 October, 2018 / 8:30 am

    I would love to try the barrier cream! We attract mosquitoes! Haha Thank you so much for the comprehensive reviews!

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