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Birthdays in the time of Corona

At the beginning of the year I had a trip planned with my bestie. We were going to go visit her kids in Romania for 10 days. We would have been there for my birthday and I was beyond excited. My last few birthdays have been pretty meh so I was looking for ward to celebrating in another country with one of my favorite people.

Enter CORONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ansie and I held on until the very last minute hoping that we would still be able to go. But when our visas were declined and lockdown was announced we had to admit defeat. It was a sad day.

Today is my birthday. Initially it was supposed to be the last day of lock down. But the universe was determined that I say home for my birthday. So here I am at home with my family for my birthday.

While I love being with them and am so so grateful we are safe and have food in our bellies I am kinda sad I couldn’t be in Romania!

So to celebrate we are eating all the things. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and I went live on Facebook for the first time to talking about one of my favourite meals – loaded chips. It was fun but doing lives with kids, is like walking around with a loaded gun. Emma was a little all over the place, go check it out on my Instagram page.

I have also discovered the BEST gluten free brand EVER. They have a variety of mixes that I have been making and they have the best gluten free chocolate cake ever!! The cake is soft and fluffy and beyond delicious. Seriously I have tried so many brands over the years and none work as well as this one. If you are gluten free check out Gluten Free Me.

While some presents would have been nice, I am very lucky to have everything I need right here.

Are you spending your birthday in lock down?


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