Want to be featured by a magazine? Here’s how

At Essentials magazine, we love working with bloggers. Whether that means featuring them in the print magazine or collaborating online, we’re always looking for inspirational women to help us create content for our readers. In fact, we love bloggers so much we put food blogger (and general awesome human) Katelyn Williams on our March cover. […]

Building and Establishing a Relationship with PR

Just like many others, when I first started blogging I couldn’t quite understand how bloggers managed to work with brands and PR. It almost seemed like I needed to be invited to an elite group of bloggers who all had their own groups and clicks, but truth is – it isn’t like that at all! […]

Lessons I have learnt from blogging

At the #jozimeetup Wenchy kept saying how we have know each other for nearly a decade, which means I have been blogging for nearly 10 years which didn’t really seem right but it actually is. I have been blogging for almost 10 years (ok it is closer to 9 than to 10 but still, it […]