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BornGeek shares her favourites

I’m a bit of a quirky mom – a life long geek, and a video game/tech journalist by day, my approach to parenthood is a bit different. I’m alternative, and probably think a bit too much about gender norms, development, and all things geeky. That said, I’m still a mom, so still worried about normal stuff like how my kid will deal with school, how to still find time for myself (even if that time is used to play video games) and why our grocery bill is so high. It’s just combined with wondering if I should hope the force is with my family or if I should wish us to live long and prosper.

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What is your go to recipe? The one you know your kids will eat EVERY time? 

Harley has recently discovered her appetite, so she is finally moving beyond the world of rice cakes alone. She’s actually joining in more with our usual meals, so whether it’s meat and two veg, pasta and sauce, enchiladas, meatloaf or even chicken liver pate, she’s pretty keen these days. I’m going to consider myself lucky… and I figure I probably only have a few more months before she decides she hates everything I cook again. 

Where do you buy most of your kids clothes?  Why is that your favourite place to buy them?

I tend to buy the bulk of her clothes from cheap places. Pick n Pay has some surprisingly nice thing that don’t break the bank, and I’ve recently discovered the joy of Jam Clothing. That said, I will occasionally splurge and get her a more expensive item or two from someone like Schnooky Pie or Kid Got Style. 

What is your favourite family restaurant? 

Hm, tricky one. For breakfast/lunch, we tend to go to either State 5 or Annica’s. Both are really child friendly, with nice kids’ menus and fun play areas. For dinner, we usually don’t worry about if it’s really a family restaurant; we just bring Harley along and hope for the best. We’ll often end up at places like Hogshead, Rocomamas, or even some fancier restaurants and everyone seems quite chilled for us to bring her along – it just means she’s tried some pretty sophisticated foods, even while we’re out.Born Geek|HarassedMom

What is/was your favourite baby brand for stuff like bottles, dummies etc.

I was pure Avent when Harley was little. I had their breast pump, bottles, dummies, and even sterilizer. Now, though, Harley has a Munchkin 360 cup and I absolutely adore it. Definitely my easiest recommendation – that cup is phenomenal!

If you had to tell a new mom to buy ONE toy for her child what would it be?

I’m looking around at the mountains of toys Harley has, but really I would say to just buy your kid a soft cuddly toy. If you later want to give them a rattle, use an old food container (coffee tin/livers tupperware/water bottle) and throw a small cat bell or couple pieces of uncooked pasta inside. Most of the things Harley likes to play with the most are unintentional toys, like USB sticks, old gaming controllers and the button that opens and closes the DVD tray on my husband’s PC.
Born Geek|HarassedMom

If your kids are of a TV watching age or if you allow TV time – what is there current favourite movie/show?

Kung Fu Panda. She doesn’t know what’s going in it yet, but whenever we put it on for her, she is enthralled. 

What is your child’s favourite book? 

Chu’s Day, by Neil Gaiman. I was hoping she’d like it, because he’s my favorite author. But really she just loves when I do the bits about pretending to sneeze, and now she even imitates the “ah, ah, AH” bits. She also loves turning the pages because it’s a board book, so she can turn them easily.

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