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Weekend Happiness That Won’t Cost Anything

We are still all about happiness at the moment. Happiness is definitely happening around these parts and while we aren’t walking around like smiling goof balls every minute of the day, we are focusing on the happy moments. 

If we have no plans for the weekend I generally don’t want to do anything but the kids haven’t learnt the art of doing nothing yet. One of my mad skills is being able to organise stuff with little to no money. 

So what do we do over the weekend that costs nothing but is still fun?

  1. Bake. Ok so unless you already have the ingredients you might need to spend a little money here but a cake is flour, eggs and butter which most of us should have in our homes. Kids love baking, yes they love making a mess while baking but it is a fun activity to do and you end up with cake!
  2. Go for a walk. Get the dog and go for a walk.Budget weekend activities | HarassedMom
  3. Visit a park. We have a few lovely parks within walking distance of our house. Pack some snacks and have a picnic while the kids run wild. 
  4. Invite a friend over. Play dates are always a win.Budget weekend activities | HarassedMom
  5. Play a board game.
  6. De-clutter. Yip, really. The older two have really gotten on board with this and the younger two kids enjoy discovering new toys when I clear out their playroom.
  7. Wash the cars. What kid doesn’t love playing with soap and water.
  8. Make a Christmas bed in the lounge and watch movies.Budget weekend activities | HarassedMom

What makes you happy over the weekends?


Shank You Very Much
Weekend Activities That Won't Cost Anything | HarassedMom


  1. Krystal Miller
    6 August, 2018 / 5:56 am

    We like to keep our weekends low key. Usually some family time with a walk or hike is perfect.

  2. 13 August, 2018 / 4:44 pm

    We love finding fun things to fill our weekends and if it’s inexpensive or free that’s even better. A little creativity can go a long way. I love the ideas you came up with.

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