My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List | Waste-free Living with Harassedmom

The other day I had a chat with some friends about what things should be given as gifts. They both felt you don’t get stuff for the house as a Christmas gift. To them gifts need to be a little more indulgent. While I don’t disagree, I don’t mind getting stuff for the house, if […]

Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren’t Toys

Gift Guide for Kids that aren't Toys | Zero Waste Living with HarassedMom

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat! After the year we have all had, it feels like we need a proper celebration with masses of gifts and tables bulging with food – right? It feels like we deserve to be treated and spoilt and rewarded for surviving a pretty unsettling year. While that […]

What’s Cooking For Christmas

Gammon with Beer Glaze | HarassedMom

We spend most Christmas holidays with my folks and my mom generally prepares the meal for our Christmas Eve meal. There have been a few Christmas’ that we have spent at home and I have prepared the meal. I am not a huge fan of turkey but I do love a good gammon. As a […]

Teachers Gifts Made Easy With Sasko

Teacher gifts made easy with Sasko | HarassedMom

It is that time of the year again, where we need to start buying and preparing gifts for teachers. For the last few years I have been baking cookies and brownies for my kids teachers. It works out cheaper, easier and the kids can all get involved in their respective teachers gifts. This year Sasko […]

Gift Guide for Health Fans From Wellness Warehouse

Gift Guide for Health Fans From Wellness Warehouse | HarassedMom

If you have a family member or friend who is all about green living, they will probably appreciate a more green kinda gift that is useful and kind to the environment. The Wellness Warehouse is my go-to shop for all things green and eco-friendly. Some of these products are on my wish list, some I […]

Mickey Inspired Gift Guide

It is Mickey Mouses 90th birthday next week. I am a huge Mickey fan, he really is the cutest little cartoon character there ever was. In honour of his upcoming birthday I have put together some Mickey inspired items I have found out and about. Fortunately with his birthday next week, you can get merchandise […]

Stocking fillers for grown ups AND a voucher code!

How do you deal with Christmas gifts for your siblings, cousins, aunts, sister-in-laws and pretty much everyone else who doesn’t live in your house. I struggle with these kinds of gifts, especially if you don’t see the people regularly so aren’t really sure what they are into. So I have put together a list of […]

Tell me all about your Christmas Traditions!

Christmas is apparently 35 days away. So pretty much a month. As usual I haven’t done anything. Well that isn’t exactly true, we did put the tree up on the weekend and the kids made some cards to send to my mom and aunts. Fortunately for my kids my brother and mother are more organised […]

HM Christmas Picks – Cawi Kids & Co

This is the last brand in this series but by no means the last of the awesome local brands. I found Cawi & Co while working with Jaclyn from Schnooky Pie and they are a gorgeous brand with some amazing clothes for toddlers.  They are also a Proudly South African brand run by yet another […]

HM Christmas Picks – Bush Babes

Many of us have family and friends who have moved, or who are moving overseas. Sending them gifts with a distinct African feel is always appreciated and warm reminder of “home”. Bush Babes offers that with their range of kids clothes from Africa.  We started 10 years ago. Dianne, a qualified fashion designer from Natal […]