My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List | Waste-free Living with Harassedmom

The other day I had a chat with some friends about what things should be given as gifts. They both felt you don’t get stuff for the house as a Christmas gift. To them gifts need to be a little more indulgent. While I don’t disagree, I don’t mind getting stuff for the house, if it is something I really want.

Are you ok with receiving appliances and the like as Christmas gifts? Or do you prefer something a little more luxurious?

I have put together a list of items that are on my Christmas Wish List this year. All of these items really bring me great joy.

My Christmas Wish List

LeCreuset coffee press. We have started using coffee beans and while we have a coffee machine, sometimes I just want to make one cup so I would love one of the coffee presses from LeCreuset.

Bath Bombs from the French Lemon. A long, hot bath is my ultimate indulgence. It is my calm time in the chaos. These bath bombs are so stunning!! Check out the soaps from French Lemon, they are pretty cool too – the rainbow slice is simply stunning.

A safety razor. This may be my gift to myself. I used to wax but then lockdown hit and I needed an alternative. Also waxing produces a lot of waste and there are other more sustainable options, like this safety razor. Everyone who has one has only had good things to say about them

Back-2-Nature Botanical Serum. We have the Back-2-Nature face mask and we love it. I am very keen try this serum out. We are still looking for local sustainable beauty products and every search I do leads me to Back-2-Nature.

All the Basketly baskets – but we can start with this one. I have a few Baskety baskets and I am so in love with them. Walking past them makes me smile every time. I have a few other indoor plants that are crying for some Basketly baskets!

One of these elephant photos by James Hendry. I have ants in my pants to start adding wildlife images to our decor and I would love to start with some images of elephants.

What is on your Christmas Wish List this year?



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