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Cleaning Tips For Work At Home Moms

Does anyone really enjoy cleaning? There are certain chores I would rather do but I don’t really enjoy any of it but it needs to be done. I also struggle to work if the kitchen is untidy. Yeah I know it sounds weird but if the kitchen is untidy, it makes me anxious. It is the one room that is always clean and tidy in our home. I am fortunate enough to have Jane help us with keeping the housework done but with 6 people in the house we can’t leave it for the days she is here. Tips for Cleaning your Home as a Work from Home Mom | HarassedMom

When I was starting on my working from home journey I listened to a business coach talk and she said you can’t spend unnecessary time on things that don’t make you money, like cleaning. It made sense to me at then and still makes sense now but we can’t make money while living in a dirty home so cleaning has to happen. It is possible to do it quickly and also do it well.

Prioritize: You don’t need to deep clean your home every single day. Prioritize what needs to be done and what can wait. For me it is the dishes, they must be done daily but sweeping/vacuming can wait. Decide what is important to you and do those things first/daily.

Schedule: Once you know what is a priority you can create a schedule of when to do what. Once you have a schedule, stick to it as closely as you can. Tips for Cleaning your Home as a Work from Home Mom | HarassedMom

Set a timer: This can work really well to control the time you spend cleaning. Give yourself a certain amount of time to get certain tasks done and stick to the timer. If you are in the middle of washing dishes, finish but don’t start another task. You might be surprised how much you can get done. 

Get the kids on board: Encourage your children to help out with age appropriate chores. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Kids as young as 3 can start helping out (some say even younger but I think at 3 they start properly helping). Make them responsible for their own bedrooms so that you don’t have to stress too much about those spaces. 

Start at the back of the room. Walk from the back of the room to the front and collect everything that shouldn’t be there, put it in a box as you are walking rather than taking walking in and out of the room for each item. Once you have the items you can take them back to the room they belong to when it’s time to clean that room or as you walk past. 

Don’t let it accumulate. Try to keep up with the cleaning, the minute you let things slide the quicker they seem to accumulate and then it may start to get overwhelming. I know this is easier said than done but if you get into a routine it is easier to stay on top of things.

What are some of your hacks for cleaning your house quickly?

Tips for Cleaning your Home as a Work from Home Mom | HarassedMom



  1. 11 October, 2018 / 10:53 pm

    Some chores of the cleaning in the house I do really like, but many times I really do not have time. In any case, in most of the cases I am just doing cleaning because there are lots of things to do.

  2. 12 October, 2018 / 4:42 pm

    A schedule is a great idea. I’d like to put one in place with tasks for my daughter as well. Usually I clean something when I’m procrastinating on something I need to be doing for a client.

  3. 13 October, 2018 / 4:56 am

    I definitely try to keep up. Little things like putting away things in the kitchen is huge to keeping it clean and less work

  4. 24 October, 2018 / 5:52 am

    I need to start cleaning now and follow some of your tips.. Always having a hard time which to clean first. Scheduling is a great idea. Thanks for this!

  5. 1 December, 2018 / 2:30 am

    What I like most are the tips in cleaning at home. I always want it to be a top priority when I’m at home with my kids so my kids give value on it.

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