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I had a whole post written up in my head this morning, it was more of a rant actually about how people latch onto things on the internet and share them without much thought for the people involved or if they will actually make a difference. It is way too easy to just share stuff that I think people have stopped formulating their own thoughts, they see everyone else doing it so they just do it.

ANYWAY I decided against it because, it is a bit pointless and I don’t really feel like a whole negative rant right now. I am just slowly unfollowing the people who continue to spread the drama. So instead lets do a little Currently…… post

Reading: I am not reading anything at the moment. Honestly I am just too lazy. I get into bed at night and mumble a few words to D and then I am asleep. Any free time I do have, I would rather sit on the couch, enjoy a cup of tea and not do anything. I am constantly reading Whatsapp group messages though – with the Santa Shoebox problems earlier this week, all my groups were going all kinds of crazy! It does surely count as reading? (Everything is sorted now so you can go and pledge)


Watching: Suits (which is now finished, I may have cried). None of my shows have started yet so we are watching Malcolm in the Middle as a family and I have NCIS, CSI, Hawaii 5-0 playing during the day. This brings me to a totally unrelated point – what do you listen to when you work? I have an action series playing all day when I am alone. I have tried music, sit-coms, silence, movies – nothing works as well as when I have something like NCIS playing in the background. I rarely actually watch it, I just need that specific sound.

Planning: What am I not planning. This weekend is busy – SA Mom Blogs Launch, kids party x 2 and a wedding. Kids have a busy two weeks – big gala (really BIG gala – please send Cam all your positive thoughts), camp, concert for kids 2 and 3 and then its holidays! I am trying to plan December. So far my mom has 3 nights booked for us but other than that I can’t get my husband to commit to anything.


Feeling: Cold! I am very annoyed it is cold again. I know it is only for a few days but goodness me ENOUGH ALREADY! I finally got Jack into shorts on Monday and now I have to get him back into jeans! I am also a bit tired. D was away for 3 nights and I struggle to sleep when he isn’t here! I am also VERY excited about our SA Mom Blogs launch tomorrow. Heather and I have really worked very hard the last few months.

Enjoying: My new phone! Seriously I can not explain how absolutely amazing it is to have a proper phone again!!!! I can take photos again! I can type messages! I can mindlessly refresh Facebook while I am standing in a queue! All is right with the world! I also received my business cards yesterday! Aren’t the gorgeous? They are double sided – SA Mom Blogs on the one side and Harassedmom on the other!


Whats up with you? How are you feeling? What are you watching? Tell me!





  1. 4 September, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    I stopped following about 100 people and it has made the biggest difference to how I feel about twitter lately.

    Watching Killjoys, and reading a some trashy romances – sometimes you need an easy read.
    Cassey recently posted…Five for FridayMy Profile

  2. 4 September, 2015 / 8:24 pm

    I’m busy writing about whatsapp now and friendship. Look out for that.

    In the meanwhile, enjoy the launch tomorrow.

    I can’t listen to things while I work, unless it’s music I don’t care about….however, we don’t do music at work unless you have earphones in. I just block out the talking and I focus.
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted…August was mostly a good reading monthMy Profile

  3. 5 September, 2015 / 8:11 am

    Enjoy the launch. I just completed Disclaimer and it was a page turner. I love quiet around me when I am home alone…I do listen to worship music when the quiet gets too much.
    Lynette Jacobs recently posted…Adorable – Blue Fern Studio’sMy Profile


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