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This is the first morning in over a week that everyone has gone to school. I think we have finally managed to get control of the plague that hit our home. Cameron is back! I know this, not because he doesn’t have a temp or because he is out of bed but because there is NO FOOD in the house! He worked his way through every single thing that wasn’t nailed down. It was fantastic (but also frustrating because now I need to do a grocery trip). 

Cindy does these Currently posts every now and then so I thought I would join in to catch everyone up on where we are at.

Accepting: Having four kids means, more often than not, if one gets sick, the others will probably also get sick. Also I agreed to go to a Women’s Breakfast thing this morning, I would much rather stay in my gown but it is just up the road so I am finishing up and going! Also with the public holiday, Jane wasn’t here yesterday so I am wading through all the washing and accepting that there will be baskets full for the forseeable future. 

Appreciating: My husband. He takes the kids in the morning now. It is probably one of the nicest things he could have started doing. Not only do I get to stay warm but I get to start working as soon as they leave, it gives me another hour in the day.HarassedMom

Feeling: Tired but not in the “I need to sleep” way, more in the “I need no dramas to deal with” kind of way.

Sorting out: My new study! I finished painting yesterday, so now it is just the little things like pictures etc that need to go up. During the clear out though we realised how disorganised our paper work is. So I am busy sorting that you as well. David is also in the process of changing our medical aids, so more sorting out and updating.

Excited About: The #jozimeetup is happening on Saturday. I love these events, not just the organising but I love catching up with everyone and meeting new bloggers!

Reading: ummmm not much. I am so bad with this. I really need to start reading again. 

Watching: Suits is back so I am watching that but not much else. We are re-watching the Middle, it’s such a funny show and reminds me a little bit of the chaos in our house.

Tell me whats happening with you?

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  1. 4 August, 2016 / 9:24 am

    I completely understand your “feeling.” I’ve been in that mode for a while now and it seems like every time I openly express this to people, I just get hit again with something! I am now accepting that no matter how much I have going on, I have that positive/ “we’ll get through it” and “we’ll make a plan” attitude, so people just keep coming to me! I do feel blessed!
    I absolutely LOVE Suits! It is such a guilty pleasure!!

  2. 4 August, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    Oy! I feel you on the sickness stuff – we suffer the same way.
    I’m so looking forward to Saturday’s meet up!

  3. 4 August, 2016 / 1:34 pm

    We are finally at the doctor, after 3 weeks of flu musical chairs!

  4. 4 August, 2016 / 1:56 pm

    I think this is the first #jozimeetup that I am missing.

    We are all caught up in the sickness in our house too – K seems to be back to normal but I am worried about G, temps keep coming back and she’s just generally not well and her teacher called me to say they’ve had confirmed swine flu cases in her class!

    I am tired tired tired to the bone and very frustrated that I am not able to run cos I too am sick.

    Sam recently posted…12 Married years…My Profile

  5. 5 August, 2016 / 11:47 am

    Oooh, excited for your new study, how awesome! I’d love my own space, am eyeing out a corner of our one gemini hut that has potential.

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