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Currently…an update on what’s been happening

It is the second week of the year already but it has taken me ages to get that New Year feeling. Not really sure why, I think I may have made my to do list too long and then felt like I was not actually getting anywhere. I eventually changed the to-do list and now feel better.

It feels like I haven’t blogged in ages and I really miss it when I take breaks that are this long.  A lot has happened in the last month, I am sharing the highlights on so we are all caught up. Gorgeous Montagu | HarassedMom

  • We had a great break with my family. It was very chilled, we really didn’t do much and it was just what we all needed to recharge after the year.
  • Cameron and I have started looking and universities. Yip it is that time where we have to start thinking about where he wants to go and applications start later this year.
  • I have, again, started a veggie garden but I have a better plan now so hopefully it is going to stick this time.
  • What are you watching at the moment? I watched a lot of shows during the holidays. The Derry Girls on Netflix is really funny, it’s so silly but a fun watch. The new season of How to get away with murder was so intense, it was by far the best season.
  • I have a pile of books I got from my mom, I have read two so far and am enjoying it so much. Why do we forget to read.
  • We started school with Jack and Emma today. Nothing too serious, more just to get us in the routine of working and it has gone well so far.

Gorgeous Montagu | HarassedMom

  • I have started meal planning again. With the kids being at home, we are going to have to all readjust and I think planning meals (and ultimately doing bulk cooking) will make life a little easier for me.
  • I struggled to stay active while we were away and my body really felt it. So I am back at my morning work outs from today.
  • While we were away Emma stayed up later than normal, we sort of just left her and she would walk around for a while but did eventually fall asleep. She would then wake up late, even on the days she went to bed at a reasonable time, she slept late. I think she has been exhausted and that has been the cause of a lot of our issues with. Since we have been home, she has been asleep by 20h30 but will sleep until 8h00 or later if we leave her, so clearly she is still catching up.

What has been happening with you guys? I feel so out of touch with everyone at the moment.


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