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Moxie Kids Craft Box

I have been researching activity boxes since we started homeschooling last year. I absolutely love the concept of getting a box with everything we need in it. We have tried out the Our Little Globe boxes which we absolutely loved but our postal service is just too unreliable to order from overseas. There have been a few local ones but none have really caught my attention until I saw the Moxie Kids Craft Box on Rattle and Mum. I have been watching what they have been doing since then and I fell so in love with their boxes. I think it is a combination of the bright colours and the fact it is a box full of crafts.

What do you get?

Every box comes with 5 crafts and the Monkey box, which we got to try out, had a little challenge activity so there was actually 6 different activities to do with the kids. That is a lot of activities to do in one box.

Each box comes with a different theme, ours was the Monkey themed box which just happened to fit with our theme this term of African Wild animals. All the activities have been designed around monkeys so there is a lot you can talk about with your kids while you are doing each craft.

The crafts are all very sensory which I absolutely love. The kids had to scrunch wool, knead dough and play with felt. The homemade playdough was made with banana pudding and they got to use pretty much all of their senses making it – they tasted it, smelt it, squished it and watched how it changed form as they mixed it. I am a sucker for these kinds of activities. They are learning while having so much fun.

All of the activities also work well to develop fine motor skills which we are trying to really focus on with Emma. She had to pick up little pieces and really work her fingers into the dough to get it to work properly. Again, more learning through play.

The activities are varied but they are perfect for a range of kiddos. They are aimed at kids from 3 – 9 and Jack is almost, 9 and he actually got more out of the box that Emma did. With some of the activities you might have to help little people but they can actually do a lot of it on their own, which is great when it comes to teaching independence and confidence.

We have no self-control and did all 5 activities in one day. It took us all morning but we had the best time. When we order our next box (definitely the Carnival one) we will spread the activities out over a few days. A great idea is to get a box or two for the holidays and let the kids do one activities every day. Everything you need for each craft is added, even the bowls and spoons. You need to buy, find nothing. So if you are traveling you don’t have to worry about taking anything else along, just pack the box and you are good to go.

The box, for one kid costs, R480. If you have more than one kid you can add a child to the box for only R90!!!! What a freaking bargain – 10 crafts for R570.

One of the things that has put me off a few of the other boxes out there is the amount of plastic in them. This box is not plastic free BUT they have not put every little thing in plastic and a lot of the stuff that was in our box can be reused. There were plastic bowls and cups which we will definitely use again. Even the few little ziplock bags that were used we have kept to reuse. We are really trying to reduce our plastic usage and control what we bring into the house so this is something that does impact how and what I buy. We actually threw nothing away from the box.

I can not recommend this box enough. The crafts are well thought out and easy to do with your kids. Whether you are a homeschool mom looking for some help in the craft department or just a mom who wants to keep the kids busy for a bit, this box is for you.

When you go and buy your first box, use the code HARASSEDMOM and get 15% off a month-to-month subscription! So head over to the Moxie website now and order a box!

Don’t forget to show them some love and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Moxie Box for Jack and Emma to try out in exchange for a review.



  1. 11 March, 2020 / 10:38 pm

    These boxes look like great fun! I think my little man will be a little too young for them but will have a look through at all their products and see if anything would suit him.
    Steve L recently posted…Boris Johnson, a new DadMy Profile

  2. 1 April, 2020 / 3:50 am

    I agree with getting activity boxes for the kids. There’s only so much we could do by ourselves, not to mention the lack of materials and other things that we could use at home for experiments and fun activities! Thanks for sharing these tips, we’ll definitely consider it!
    Mark Coster recently posted…Ultimate Boredom Buster: 101 Things to Do When Kids Are BoredMy Profile

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