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Earth Day: What are you doing?

Today is the 50th Earth Day Celebration and it is a day we can definitely get behind celebrating. In short Earth Day aims to raise awareness around the Earth and what we can all do to try and reduce our impact.

As a family we have made some big changes in how we live to not only focus on recycling but to rather on reducing the overall waste we produce. I have mentioned this before but when you actually start paying attention to the waste you produce, you will be embarrassed by just how much we waste.

Our refuse is collected once a week, most weeks we have a maximum of 2 black bags in the large wheelie bin and very often the second bag is not even full. We still produce more waste than I would like but just by making simple changes we have managed to really reduce the amount of rubbish that comes out our home.

We have also almost eliminated all chemical based cleaning materials, the only thing I still buy is dishwasher soap and salt. But for all the rest we use homemade cleaners. It take some getting used to but I refused to buy it so we had to just use what I made and our home is still clean. Not only does it eliminate chemicals in our home but it also means we don’t have containers to throw away.

Another thing we were very strict with, pre-lockdown, is using only brands who are eco-friendly or focus on sustainability. This has been harder during lockdown because while we stockpiled, we do have to work with what is available.

Some of our favourite brands that feature strongly in our daily lives are:

  • FarmFreshOnline: We love these guys and are thankful they are sitll delivering during lcokdown. They provide fruit and veg boxes that contain minimal to no plastic.
  • SodaStream: This allows us the opportunity to add bubbles and flavour to our water without bringing plastic into our home. SodaStream announced their environmental commitment: to save the use 67 billion single-use plastic bottles by 2025 and to move from plastic to metal, which is the easiest and most efficient option currently available in the world for recycling.
  • Moxie Boxes make use of environmentally friendly products in their boxes, which means you are not getting a box of stuff that is going to end up adding to landfills. So far this is the only local craft box that I can find that cares about this.

You don’t have to make large sudden changes to how you live your life. Start making a small change and then make another one and then another and before you know it you will have made a meaningful change to your life and ultimately the Earth.

If you are not sure where to start, visit the Earth Day site for some easy tips.

I would love to hear how you are making changes in your life.


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