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Essence Roses Eye Shadow

It took me a while to realise it was Friday today. All this holidays mean the weeks are on then off, then on again then off again. The kids are at home, then they are at school, then home again. It’s all very confusing and disruptive. Or is it just me?

I spoilt myself a little for my birthday and bought a new eye shadow palette and two new brushes. I went with Essence for both for two reasons. Their brushes are super cheap, so is the eye shadow actually. The second reason is that they have palettes in colours that I like. Their palettes make it easier for me to figure out which colours are goin to work well together. Essence Roses|HarassedMom

I wear a lot of pink so it made sense to go with the roses palette and I absolutely love it. Both the Essence palettes I have have a colour that is sparkly in them. It is not a bling sort of sparkle, you don’t really even notice it but it does make me super happy and the glittery colour in this palette is so pretty. It actually makes me want to wear make up every day. (Never thought I would say that.)

I already have a eye shadow brush but I wanted one for the lighter colours and then added the blender brush which is so awesome. Seriously I am so glad I got it. It works a lot better than the eye shadow brush I was using. 

What colour eye shadow are you currently using? Which one is your favourite?

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