Initially I wasn’t sure I wanted to do a look back post this year. This year has knocked us around, a lot. It has felt like every time we manage to pop our head above the water we get pushed down again and spend a few months kicking like crazy to take the next breathe, only to be pushed down again.

I spent far too much time this year feeling hopeless and in David’s words I “catastrophised” more than I needed to.

When I sat down and started putting my thoughts into words, I very quickly realised that 2015 was actually a good year.

In January this year, we were “stuck” in Cape Town because we didn’t have the money to get back home, we had a VERY VERY lean holiday, while we made some great memories, the stress it caused was not something I would like to repeat. It also set the tone for the year ahead.

BUT we are less than a week away from going on holiday with a nice sum set aside for the 2 weeks we are away! 

I got a job, then I lost a job. I seriously questioned if I would ever be employed by anyone ever again. Bills were piling up, everyone wanted a piece of us, it was very overwhelming.

BUT then an old client contacted me to do some writing for them for  3 months. Then I applied for a job, got the job and started the job all in a space of a week. I love it. It is steady income doing something I love.

I was fat! I started this year not liking myself much and tried and failed at a few eating plans and diets. I just couldn’t shed those last 7kgs!

BUT I decided to take charge and re-joined Weigh-Less and in September I reached my goal weight and it is now December and I am managing to maintain it!

Cameron had a rough year academically. We battled teachers and a failing system. He was very despondent about a lot of what was going on. I was basically told that I can’t really complain because my child is achieving.

Despite this he was made Head Boy, received a handful of awards at his prize giving and is much loved by his teachers.

I spent the first 3 months of the year in a flat panic about High Schools. I applied and applied and prayed and hoped it would all work out.

It did. Cameron was offered 2 scholarships and was accepted at all the schools we applied to.

Kiara had a rocky start. I had a teacher meetings and felt frustrated that she didn’t seem to be improving. I really assumed the worst and was ready for battle with a teacher or two.

But she came out left field and surprised us all by being the class top achiever and was made deputy Head Girl.

Late in the first term one of Jacks teacher helpers asked me if he is also so quiet at home? Apparently he never spoke in class. I was a little worried about it, he was the quietest of them all.

But a few weeks ago he told us he hadn’t been allowed tuck shop because he had been talking to much, this happened for two weeks in a row. When I spoke the teacher she wasn’t too worried about it. I was a little bit chuffed because it meant he had found his voice. He has completely come out of his shell this year and is so much more confident and sure of himself.

After many many sleepless nights with Emma, she finally clicked and is now sleeping through. There were days I didn’t think this would ever happen but it did.

Cameron was deeply disappointed that he never made Schools for swimming, it hit him hard and it took him a few weeks to bounce back but he did and went on to qualify for the next level (we now compete on a National Level and not on a regional level). 

Kiara changed dance schools and found her wings. 

Heather and I relaunched SA Mom Blogs.

I attended some great blogging events, connecting with some amazing ladies and re-connected with old ones.

We bought FOUR new tyres for my car. This is noteworthy because I didn’t think we would ever be in a position to buy four new tyres for my huge big bus this year.

It was a tough year and I, personally, had some very low lows. It has also been extremely emotional for me dealing with Cameron’s rather large leap into adulthood. Love may very well be proved in the letting go but right now all I want to do is hold tighter.

It was also the year I questioned every decision we have made. I doubted myself and I doubted David. I doubted that things would ever be better than what they were.

I suppose that is life, that is how we learn and grow. For every negative there is a positive, a lesson learnt and a memory made.

I will look back on 2015 as the year of my kids, it was the year their lights shined brightest.

What will you remember 2015 for?



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  1. This is such an encouraging post! It was a great year for the kids as well.. I had a really tough time and next year will be make or break for the coming years xx

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