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My Favourite TV moms

There is always a mom on most TV shows and movies, very often those moms are pretty stereotypical and either too perfect or too imperfect. There are a few TV mom’s however that I identify with. Do you agree with the below moms? 

Beverly Goldberg – I love Beverly Goldberg! I identify with a lot of what she does and how she treats her children. When my kids tell me about something negative that happened at school I ask them “Do you need me to go Beverly Goldberg on them”.  I totally identify with her need to make life easy for her children and to fight their battles for them and take out anyone who even thinks of hurting them.

TV Moms |HarassedMom

Frankie from The Middle – In reality I am probably most like Frankie. I really do want to have my shit together but more often than not I am scratching through the cupboards trying to find something for everyone to eat or forgetting someone needs something for school. She loves her kids though and somehow, like me, she gets everyone fed and through school. 

TV Moms |HarassedMom

Kitty from That 70’s show. Kitty is just great! Seriously she is one of my favourite characters, I love her sense of humor and how she deals with her kids and her husband.  It is worth it to watch this show just for Kitty!

TV Moms |HarassedMom

I know there are lots of other TV moms like Clare Dunphy or Lorelai from Gilmore Girls but these moms are my absolute favourite and the ones I identify with the most. Who is your favourite TV mom?

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