5 friends, 12 kids, 20 years and a million stories

I have been out of school 20 years this year. TWENTY YEARS! It makes me feel so old. I had this crazy idea last year that I wanted to organise our reunion. I put the word out and it was very slow to gain momentum because we are all spread across the globe. During my […]

Are you exposing your kids to other cultures?

We attended a baptism in the Greek Orthodox church on Sunday. It was the first time my kids and I had ever been in a Greek Orthodox church. It was the first baptism they had been too so it was a bit of an educational event as well. Kiara, in particular, had a lot of […]

When saying goodbye is hard.

I have had these deep sense of sadness the past few weeks. Not an unhappiness because I am happy but rather the sadness that comes with loss. Not the loss of your favourite pair of ear rings but the deep sense of loss when a friend leaves your life. Not leaves as in you fight […]

All the single ladies! All the single ladies

See another song! I am telling you I am making a soundtrack of this week! It appears that my family have been hit by a serious negative energy tornado this week – my cousins baby is in hospital, my niece had a burst ear drum last night and someone tried to grab my cousins hand […]

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You know what I hated most about working for a big corporate? The politics! I HATED it. The back biting, the gossip, the manipulation, the lack of integrity to get ahead. It was a dark, horrible place. When I left I thought that was the last I would see of that rubbish but then I […]

So I do actually have friends!

In case anyone is keeping track – 2 more weeks exactly until we go from a family of 5 to a family of 6. It was my baby shower on Saturday and Ansie and Natasha did an amazing job – baby was so super spoilt and we got the perfect mix of pretty and practical […]

Merry Christmas and all that!

It is all over so quickly isn’t it? We wait all year for the time with family and friends, we plan menus, write lists, save, book holidays, spend hours wrapping, putting elves on shelves and then it’s over! The turkey is eaten, the gamon flattened and the roast potatoes fought over! We had such a […]

Bit of a baby boom – it’s a great leveler.

In case you didn’t know, David is 5 years younger than me. He has a very large circle of friends but the majority are still younger than me. I battled a little bit in the beginning because they were still very much into partying. None of them were married yet and babies were certainly no […]

Magic Moments

  I was trying to think of a magic moment to write about during my yoga class this morning and was really battling to come up with one moment over the past week. We had such an amazing weekend that it sort of clouded everything that happened during the week and there wasn’t only one […]

Sometimes what you need is one pink drink too many!

Life is moving along nicely at the moment. The kids are in the groove of school, Jack and Josephine have their routine and I am getting settled at work. On Friday when I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner – the meal on the menu plan was not working for me […]