Teaching Kids the ABCs of Saving is an important life skill we have to equip our children with to help them live a more financially free life.

Teaching Kids About Saving Money

We are almost  at the end of my “A Mom’s Guide to Financial Freedom.” series. Today we are discussing teaching kids about saving money. As moms, we play a pivotal role in shaping our children’s financial habits. The earlier we teach them how to handle money, the quicker it becomes a way of life for them. 

Why Teach Kids About Saving Money?

Financial Skills for Life

Teaching kids about saving money goes beyond mere piggy banks and allowances. It equips them with essential life skills that will serve them well into adulthood. By understanding the value of money and practicing prudent saving, children gain a solid foundation for financial independence. It also makes it easier for them work with their first pay check, to avoid getting into unnecessary debt by making smart financial decisions. 

Practical Tips for Teaching Kids About Saving Money

1. Start Early

Introduce the concept of saving money from an early age. Use relatable examples—like saving for a favorite toy or a special outing—to help children grasp the idea. This has been the easiest way for us to teach our kids. They have all saved for a few big ticket items they want, it definitely helps them to understand the value of things and they look after it so much better. 

2. Set Savings Goals

Empower your children by involving them in goal-setting. Whether it’s saving for a new video game or a family vacation, having specific targets gives them purpose and motivation. They all have their own individual goals, but we also have goals as a family. I have found that this makes it easier for them to understand why we are making certain sacrifices, like not eating out often etc. 

3. Provide Earning Opportunities

Encourage opportunities for your kids to earn money. These experiences teach responsibility and the value of hard work. Plus, they’ll appreciate the connection between effort and reward. Emma sells her clothes on Yaga, Jack does extra chores when needs a little extra money. Giving kids pocket money is great but when they have to work for it, it means something different. 

4. Open a Savings Account

Take the next step by opening a savings account for your children. Explain how interest works and encourage them to deposit a portion of their earnings regularly. Watching their money grow over time fosters a sense of accomplishment. We got Jack and Emma accounts very early on, they love having the money in their account and Emma gets very upset when bank charges go off! We are with Capitec and they allow you to open savings pockets that can you can set up to save towards certain goals. 

5. Lead by Example

Children learn by observing. Be a positive role model by demonstrating responsible financial behavior. Share your saving goals, discuss budgeting, and involve them in family financial decisions. We have always been pretty open with our kids about where we are with our finances. 

Benefits of Teaching Kids About Saving Money

1. Financial Responsibility

Kids who learn to save early develop financial responsibility. They understand the consequences of overspending and learn to prioritize needs over wants.

2. Delayed Gratification

Saving teaches patience. Children discover that delaying immediate desires can lead to more significant rewards down the road. This is really important in a world of instant gratification. 

3. Financial Security

By instilling good saving habits, we set our children on a path toward financial security. Whether it’s an emergency fund or long-term investments, they’ll be better equipped to handle life’s financial challenges.

Teaching kids about saving money isn’t just about dollars and cents—it’s about empowering them with lifelong skills. As moms, it is up to us to nurture their financial growth, one savings lesson at a time.



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