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Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers

Christmas is less than 2 months away. Every year I want to be one of those people who is super organised and has stuff done by July but every year  I am not. I have made peace with it though, I get it done by the 25th which is ultimately the most important thing. Well I keep telling myself that anyway. 

As most of you know Kiara is a creative, she is a pure creative and if she isn’t dancing she is drawing or painting with anything she can find. This makes buying gifts for her super easy, she has more notebooks that I do and has a box filled with pens, markers, paints and more.

It looks like Emma is going to follow in her footsteps and she is happiest when she is painting (specifically hand painting). I also have two nieces, both of whom appreciate a pretty pen and notebook. I am always on the lookout for pretty stationery for them all, these are some of my favourites.

CNA: They have a stunning selection at the moment. I got a lot of stuff from them during their sale. They have gorgeous notebooks, pens, pencil cases and more. If you are on a budget then you have to check them out. They had some great craft specials on as well. They have a cute Emoji range that all my kids absolutely love.Stationery Gift Guide | HarassedMom

Oh Crikey: You have to check out there OOLY range, they have some of the most gorgeous goodies from markers to eraser. They are so funky that any age kid will love them, in fact I wouldn’t mind one of everything.Stationery Gift Guide | HarassedMom

Typo: No stationery post is complete without a Typo mention, right? This is Kiara’s favourite store and we are lucky enough to have a factory shop near us. They have the coolest planners that come in a whole lot of different sizes – I am all about these paper planners. But the winning items at the moment have to be there Disney range – these headphones are a MUST HAVE. Meaning I MUST HAVE THEM.Stationery Gift Guide | HarassedMom

PNA: If you have an artist then PNA has the best selection of paints, brushes and canvases that we have found. These paint trays are the bomb. They stop kids from dipping dirty paint brushes into the main pot and also help make it last longer, you can pour paint out as you need it. PNA also seems to have an extensive range of homeschooling books. 

Mr P: I have found the cooleset stuff at Mr P, their wrapping sets are the best and each year I buy a few. Their notebooks are also budget friendly and they have some really pretty designs. Mr P is one of those shops that if you scratch around each time you are there you will find something on sale.


If you are on the look out when you are out and about you will find beautiful stationery. Because we have 3 stationery lovers in our home, I am always on the lookout and have picked up some great deals, often in the most unexpected places. 

Where is your favourite place to get stationery?

Stationery Gift Guide | HarassedMom








  1. 1 November, 2018 / 7:15 am

    oh man i used to love stationary so much!

  2. 1 November, 2018 / 9:59 am

    I love the ooly company and their products! Great selection!

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