Family Fun with Pictionary Air™

Family Fun with Pictionary | Parenting with HarassedMom

Finding a game that we can all play is very challenging. Now that Emma can read and write it is a little easier but there is still a 12 year difference between her and Cameron. Either the games are too advanced for her and Jack or too boring for Kiara and Cameron. Pictionary is one […]

{WIN} A Baking Course

Win a cooking course with Grace Stevens | HarassedMom

The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight. M. F. K. Fisher I love baking. I would bake every day, I find it incredibly calming. When lockdown started we actually did bake every day. David and I would bake bread and the […]

Slime Glue Competition

Slime Glue Competition | Parenting with HarassedMom

Yes, it is me and my slime posts again. I know it is messy and I know it can get everywhere but it is just so much fun. Since we discovered Slime Glue, it is so much easier than making it yourself. The activator works in seconds and you can play around with it and […]

SASKO Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles


It is no secret we love to bake. Cookies are one of my favourite things to bake. They are super quick and easy to make and there is so much you can do with them. Chocolate is also a firm favourite in our house and we add it to pretty much anything and everything we […]

Why we love using LEGO® on our homeschool journey

We grew up playing with LEGO® . We had these big square roads that you could put together and make a whole city. My mom kept them and now my kids use them to build their LEGO® cities. I don’t really consider LEGO® to be a toy. It is something I don’t mind spending money […]

WIN with Moir’s AND Maizena

Gluten Free Sweetcorn Fritters | HarassedMom

What were some of the products you grew up with that you have carried on using in your home? For me it is Maizena. My mom has always used Maizena. When I moved into my own home, it was the one thing I have always had in my kitchen. It is a gluten free product […]

Five reasons your child needs Nespray and WIN!

Five reasons your child needs Nespray | HarassedMom

“According to Statistics SA, one in four children under the age of three in Gauteng‚ Free State, North West, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape suffer from malnutrition and, among many other disadvantages, will not be physically or mentally equipped to benefit from school.” Children who are malnourished go to school hungry which means they are not […]

Win An Elf For Christmas

Elf for Christmas | HarassedMom

Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year. I am that person who puts their tree up in November and loves the decorations in the shops while buying my groceries to the sounds of Boney M. When the team at Elf For Christmas contacted me I was so super excited to work with […]


#PrimaGamesFest | HarassedMom

This game forms part of the #PrimaGamesFest that I posted about yesterday and it is my currently favourite game and it is possible for even toddlers to play this one, so perfect for everyone. This is such a simple game but it is SO MUCH FUN!!! It is called Boom Blast Stix. The goal is to […]

{WIN} An Easy Heat Poster Heater

WIN a Easy Heat Wall Heater| HarassedMom

I think when our house was built the sun was coming up in a different place because not one room in our home gets decent sun. The boys room gets about an hour of delicious sun but that is it! The downstairs area is a fridge all day, every day during winter. My office is […]