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Slime Glue Competition | Parenting with HarassedMom

Yes, it is me and my slime posts again. I know it is messy and I know it can get everywhere but it is just so much fun. Since we discovered Slime Glue, it is so much easier than making it yourself. The activator works in seconds and you can play around with it and add more until you get the consistency you want.

We have made it a few times now and each time the slime comes a slightly different consistency but it has worked each time. You can make it pretty “hard” and then it doesn’t actually stick all over and if it does you can easily pick it up.

We love making it so much that we had a Slime play date yesterday to share our love of Slime making with Lexi and Candice. It was so much fun. We made two batches because the kids want to see if they could make purple slime after making a really stunning red batch.

It was messy but man it was SO much fun!

Because we love Slime Glue so much we are giving away 3 x Slime Glue and Activator. Each pack comes with 2 bottles of Slime Glue and 1 x bottle of Slime Glue Activator. It makes A LOT of slime. Yesterday the 3 kids each made two blobs and we used almost half of the activator, so depending on how “hard” you like it, you will make a lot!

It also requires no electricity so it is the perfect activity to do during loadshedding.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment!

We would really appreciate some social media love as well but it is no required. You can find Slime Glue on Facebook and Instagram. For more information on Slime Glue, visit their website.

Competition ends 20 March and my T & C’s apply.

Disclaimer: We were sent some Slime Glue to play around with in exchange for this post.

Photo Credit for the second group of photos goes to Candice.



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