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I think when our house was built the sun was coming up in a different place because not one room in our home gets decent sun. The boys room gets about an hour of delicious sun but that is it! The downstairs area is a fridge all day, every day during winter. My office is like a walk in freezer. I have to heat up hot bags and water bottles and cover myself in layers and blankets. It is NOT pleasant!

Then I received an Easy Heat poster heater and I was able to actually work in my office well after the sun had gone down! So what is this poster heater I am talking about? Well it is a heater disguised as the prettiest wall poster – INGENIUS!!! We had those white wall heaters in the rooms upstairs but they are so ugly and were not particularly effective. Our downstairs area, where my office is is open plan so those heaters are pretty much useless for such a big space! BUT the poster heater is not! Seriously as I am typing this my face has a healthy red glow thanks to my beautiful heater!

How you may be wondering?

Well let me tell you.

EasyHeat poster heaters are the most efficient heaters available, using only 300 Watts.   This efficiency is thanks to the latest infrared technology, which warms you directly instead of the air around you.   Conventional heaters circulate the heat which tends to rise and bunch at the top of the room.  With EasyHeat, the heat is available immediately and transfers off the poster to you, the walls and objects in the room, warming them up directly.

The other advantage to infrared heating is that the air doesn’t dry out and it is even safe to touch the poster, making it ideal for children’s bedrooms. 

When I opened the box I was a little skeptical! But it honestly does work and the best part is if I want to take it down after winter it rolls up compactly and can be stored until next winter or I can leave it up and unplugged! I am seriously a sucker for things that have dual functions like this, it makes me feel like I am really getting value for money!

There a few different designs to suit pretty much any space in your home or office even. 

I have ONE Easy Heat Poster Heater to giveaway to one lucky reader! How cool, right?

All you need to do is visit the Easy Heat website and tell me your favourite design.

This competition is closes on the 31 August so ENTER NOW!! My normal T&C’s apply!



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