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Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year. I am that person who puts their tree up in November and loves the decorations in the shops while buying my groceries to the sounds of Boney M.

When the team at Elf For Christmas contacted me I was so super excited to work with them. Our goodies arrived recently and I am absolutely in love with it all and would buy everything in their shop if I could. It is all so gorgeous.

We were sent an Elf for Christmas Magical Reward Kit for Emma and it is a box full of Christmas cheer and awesomeness. 

The box contains a cute little elf that Emma absolutely loves.

A reward chart with the sweetest little stickers.

Little cards that your elf can send to your little one – it tells them if they have made it to the good list or if they need to work a little harder on their behaviour.

There are report cards that you can fill in from the elf.

Two Letter to Santa templates

A poster you can put up announcing the house is under elf surveillance 

And some Thank You cards from the elf.

Basically you have everything you need to create a magical lead up to Christmas. If you don’t want to use it to promote good behaviour, you can just use it to create a little bit of magic. 

We also received the Elf For Christmas 24 Advent Letters which is I am in love with. It is a set of 24 little brown envelopes that each come with a story related to Christmas, Father Christmas and the North Pole. I love this idea, it creates a more meaningful countdown. We usually just do chocolates, which is cool and the kids love it but to be honest, they love the chocolate more than the countdown. I can’t wait to add these to our advent calendar and share the little stories with them. 

These aren’t the only products they have, the have a little Elf story book and some themed stickers, both which will make for cool goodies to add into a Christmas Eve box.

Side note: This is also a pretty eco-friendly option because there is no waste, you can reuse them again next year or add your own little stories into the envelopes. 

The best news is that I have a TWO Elf For Christmas sets to giveaway.

I have the following to giveaway:

1x Girl Elf & Rewards chart

1x Boy Elf & Rewards chart

On top of that I have a 15% discount code for every single one of you. All you need to do is use the code HAR05 when you check out and the code will apply

To enter this competition all you have to do is tell me what your little one wants for Christmas.

Competition ends 21 November and is open to SA residents only.

You can find out more about Elf for Christmas on their website, Facebook page and Instagram accounts. 




39 Responses

  1. My eldest (6) wants a volcano (yeah not quite sure how i’m going to pull that one off yet 😂) & my youngest (2) doesn’t actually understand the concept of Christmas or the gift giving but we’ll most likely do anything Blaze or Paw Patrol related. What they will be getting is a new baby brother though whether they want him or not 😄

  2. I’ve got two toddlers boys.. My youngest wants a mickey stuffed toy and my eldest wants a Reindeer lol

  3. My daughter is not little, but a teenager. She wants some books for Christmas, as she is obsessed with reading.

  4. I have a daughter hos 3.8 years old ho loves shimmer and shine. And bella prices night and sunny on TV she would love rainbow color hair dresses toys.my boy will be 8 months and he’s first Christmas not sure what too get him

  5. My son (4) wants anything to do with Paw Patrol. My daughter (8) is crazy for anything to do with Unicorns.

  6. My youngest wants a Paw Patrol playset and the eldest isn’t quite sure yet.

    These elves look so cool! We would love the boy rewards kit.

  7. My 4 year old has quite a list going, including items like “a tompooter (computer) like Mummy’s and Daddy’s”, a real watch and a cuckoo clock 😀 More realistic options are a Barbie or bicycle with pedals.
    My 2 year old will be happy with anything, as long as it’s the same as her older sister’s.
    The 1 year old is, fortunately, oblivious so will be getting items we are more likely to be able to afford 😛

  8. My Daughter is obsessed with Princess Sofia and Minnie Mouse.
    So anything along that line will make her supper happy.

  9. You daughter would love this Elf for Chriatmas

    She also really want frosty the dog from little live pets

  10. It’s my sons birthday on the 29th November he will be 6 years old, all he wants for his birthday and Christmas is a a big T-Rex dinosaur that walks and makes noises.🐲🤶🎅🎁

  11. My daughter (3) asked for a sister so they can do ballet together because her brother (18months) isn’t very good at it 🙈 I told her that Santa said she could get a cousin after Easter if she plays nicely with her brother. So far she seems okay with that deal 🤣

  12. My daughter is 5 and already wrote to Santa that she wants fingerlings (a dragon and a panda). She just love Christmas I told her if she’s naughty the elf’s will visit

  13. My girly wants anything and everything arts & crafts (yay for long December holidays and lots of time to do all sorts of crafty things) and my little man is Nerf crazy!

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