What are some birthday dresses for kids?

Birthdays are very special for kids, they get excited as they eagerly wait for their birthday. They want to invite their friends, cut the cake, and open their presents. What mom wants, is a dress which will make them look elegant so that they can feel special. If you are looking for a perfect birthday […]

My Christmas Wish List

What is on your Christmas wish list this year? It has taken me a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year but putting together a wish list always helps to get into the festive mood! If I am honest, I hadn’t even thought about what I wanted this year until very recently. Kiara […]

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for everyone on your Christmas List

Tick three, four or even more people off your list at once with these unique gift ideas that promote creativity and fun. It’s officially Christmas shopping season. After last year’s holiday – which saw many families and friends spending it apart – the Christmas 2021 may be the uplifting pick-up we need, and gift-giving is […]

Wait! You need to Know This Before you Shop for Shoes

Shoes do a lot for us. They protect our feet from dangerous objects lying around, support our feet by reducing the amount of shock felt by the legs when contact is made with the ground, enhance our performance, and help us go about our day with comfort and peace. However, wearing the wrong pair of […]

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun | HarassedMom

Our kids live in a world surrounded by screens, a world riddled with ‘danger’ at every turn, a world rife with the pressures of academic, sporting and cultural achievement, long days and extra lessons. The question is: when do they get to play? Experts have proven that allowing kids to engage in unplanned, unstructured playtime […]