Are you listening to the signs the universe is sending you? | HarassedMom
Are you listening to the signs or are you ignoring them? It might be time to stop, listen and take a leap of faith.

The answers are right in front of you.

“Pay attention to the signs, for the universe will always try to guide you to where you need to be.”

Generally I am pretty good at listening to that little voice inside me. I trust my gut and usually let it guide me. There have been times where I haven’t listened to it and its never worked out well for me. Every time I over ride the little voice or ignore the signs I ended up making the wrong decisions. I did it when I got married the first time and I did it last year. 

 I believe in signs. I am not 100% confident where these signs come from – if its God, the universe or somewhere else but I do believe we are guided to where we need to be. We just need to pay attention. 

About 3 years ago I made a career decision. It seemed like the right decision at the time, but when I look back now I can see there were red flags right from the beginning. I ignored them until I couldn’t any more. Suddenly I started seeing the red flags pop up for me in every interaction. I tried for a year to navigate them, talking situations through, trying to figure out if I could maybe do something differently or adjust how I was engaging. 

But the signs will keep popping up until you pay attention. 

The final flag was when I was gaslighted into believing that prioritizing my family meant I would never be successful, build an empire or make money. By the time this has happened I had already made my decision but it was the confirmation I needed. 

Are you listening to the signs the universe is sending you? | HarassedMom

It can be hard to just follow the signs sometimes, especially when the next step is unclear, which was where I was. I knew I needed to take a step in a new direction, I just didn’t know which direction. 

Until I stopped and was still and listened to what the universe was telling me. The answers are always there when we listen properly. 

I made a decision in September last year, it meant a big career change but it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Our home life has improved, our financial situation is stabilising, I am able to be with my kids, guilt-free and my mental health is much better. 

How to recognise the signs!

I am not a guru or an expert but this is what I know for sure about recognising the signs in your life.

  1. You have to be ready to change. Often we are so caught up in a situation that we aren’t ready to make the changes we need. 
  2. Pay attention to recurrences. This can also be hard but start paying attention to the things that are happening to you. Are you finding yourself in the same situation over and over again. Maybe you want to quite your job and start a new career – are you seeing stuff about that career more and more?  Maybe you keep seeing the same person over and over again. Pay attention – nothing is random. 
  3. Listen to YOU. You know yourself best, you know what you really want and need. Pay attention to that. Become self aware and understand what is important to you. 
  4. Give in. When you see the answer, surrender and trust that the universe has your back. This is the scariest part because there are so many unknowns but I guarantee when you surrender it WILL all work out. 

Do you follow the signs?



9 Responses

  1. I really do believe that the universe gives us signs. I also really do believe in manifestation and listening to your gut instincts. Sometimes you have to give in and take the leap.

  2. This blog post resonates with me deeply. It’s a powerful reminder to trust our instincts and pay attention to the signs that guide us in life. I’ve experienced similar situations where ignoring those inner nudges led to regrettable outcomes. Learning to listen to that inner voice and heed the signs around us is essential for making informed decisions and finding our true path. Thank you for sharing your insights and reminding us to stay attuned to the guidance that surrounds us.

  3. I watch for signs all the time. The universe is always talking to us. I know there have been so many times that I found exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it because I kept my eyes and mind open.

  4. Such a great post and a great reminder to slow down and take notice of your wants and needs. Beautiful reminder and thank you for sharing!

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