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If you read me regularly you know the impact that Wenchy has had on my life. She was there for me when I went insane the week I got divorced. She picked up the phone and called me – this was a big dam deal cos she didnt know me and she doesnt talk to people on the phone! She has been there for me emotionally every since!

And now she needs help. She has three children. Liam is the middle one. This is an extract of a post she made about what is wrong with him

Liam has ADHD, suffers from extreme anxiety, panic attacks and is on medication for depression, concentration an anti-psychotic as he has bouts of hallucinations. A learning disability has also been diagnosed.

He is currently in a main stream environment where he is not coping and required remedial assistance on a weekly basis (as that is all I can provide at the moment), there is a professional who acts as Liam’s “scribe” since he cannot articulate the information he knows into writing, an education psychologist meets with Liam weekly and he attend a psychiatric hospital monthy to oversee his medication…. all which I struggle to provide with limited resources.

I’m petrified for Liam going to High School because there is no way he would remotely cope emotionally, academically or socially. Remedial care has been suggested by more than one professional caring for Liam.

I found a government school which will be able to help with Liam’s needs… I’m getting all the (many) forms filled in, doctors recommendations etc to make application to the school, although I’ve been told there is a long waiting list… and private education is just totally over anything I could ever manage on my own… so I am making application and hoping they will accept him.

I really have no words. Thank you isn’t enough.

Liam’s Mom.

She needs money. Money to send him to a school where he can get the proper help he needs. So a plan was hatched but this phenomenally amazing women! The plan is below!

On Saturday 55 whales beached in the small village of Kommetjie in Cape Town. Around 2 000 people came down to the beach in the cold winters day. Some people came in wetsuits to swim them out, some brought tea and sandwiches for the rescuers. Everyone who was there wanted to help. They wanted to play a part, to make a difference. It gave us hope in humanity to see that people can pull together.

We have an opportunity to pull together for Liam……… they are easy-peasy and there is something for everyone.

We all read Wenchy’s blog. We feel like we know her and we feel like we know her kids. They now need us to be the village that pulls together for them. They need us to come down with what we have and say “here I am use me”.

Liam needs to go to a specialised school next year. Aside from the waiting lists and the paperwork Wenchy is completely stressed out about the money. But we have figured out a plan for her.

1. Supermom, an accountant to manage the money.

2. They will then open up an account for Liam’s school fund.

3. The clever account person will sort out how to use Paypal to get foreign money transfers

4. We are using R100 notes to build Liam’s future.

a. Project Sushi

For me R100 is a plate of sushi. I am going to give up one plate of sushi a month and sign up a debit order of R100 into the fund. That’s R1 200 into the fund for the year.

I will find 5 friends to join me 5 x R1 200 = R6 000

Their R6 000 + my R1 200 = R7 200

We are looking for 5 of you brave souls who love sushi (but Liam more) to do this too – we will have R36 000 in one year.

b. Project Thanksgiving

We need 10 hostesses to do our traditional Thanksgiving parties.

You all know Wenchy has this tradition of Thanksgiving so use her past posts as inspiration.

You get to plan whatever party you like, invite your own friends and ask them each to bring R10 with their thanksgiving wish. 10 friends x R10 = R100

We are looking for 10 brave hostesses to take up this challenge – we will have another R1 000.

c. Project Mistletoe

When you get your Christmas bonus – please donate R100.

We are looking for 10 carol-singers to do this – we will have another R1 000 in the fund.

d. Plan Blog

If you have a blog – please tell your readers about this.

We are looking for 10 bloggers to do this. Hands up please.

Boom that’s R38 000 for Liam’s education fund – and that’s just the first year.

………..we are going to poke the recession in the eye. What better birthday gift could we give to Wenchy.



“Lent for Liam” can be found on FaceBook

So there you have it. It is as simple as that! R100. And it can make a huge difference.

If you want to get involved you can mail me at laurakim@harassedmom.co.za or leave a comment on my blog or Shaynes blog or over at Robins Perch and someone will contact you.



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  1. I wish you all the best of luck regarding Liam’s education! I’m an Occupational Therapist working at a government school for children with Physical and Learning difficulties (including ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy & Spina Bifida) and special needs. Although these kids face these challenges, we follow a normal government curriculum. Right now we’re in exam time, and what a challenge it has been, because we have to provide reading and writing assistance (known as amanuensis) for the kids.
    I was also diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9 years, and was on Ritalin, and a cocktail of other medication until the end of my final year in OT. I finally got my degree, but it was HARD work and kept my mother and myself busy praying for a LONG time! So, keep believing in your son’s abilities, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel…and many candles along the way to help you get to the end 🙂
    God Bless! Ronél

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