March Round Up

It was the 1st March and then it was not. Maybe because it was school holidays and Easter or maybe it was because we were so busy or maybe it was just my perception of time, but March seemed to here one minute and gone the next. 

I was really hoping it was going to start cooling down, seeing as it is now Autumn. I did but pretty late in March and our days are still getting pretty hot. 

The Highlights

  • Cameron arrived mid-March for a few weeks. He has finished studying but is figuring out next steps so is home for a while.
  • Emma competed in the JKA provincial trials. She did so well and got colours for both her kata and kumite. 
  • Jack had is first paintball outing, he had lots of fun and it was nice to have a big crowd of boys his age. 
  •  We had a very chilled Easter. David’s cousin came for lunch, we did a mini Easter egg hunt for the kids and went to the Pretoria Fees. 
  • A few years ago I got two gorgeous Fiddle Leaf’s from Vula. They were doing so well, then started looking very sad. Cocoa decided to chomp on one and we had to cut it right down. I decided to leave them for a while to see if they would come back to life and they have and it is so exciting! Both stems have new shoots and are growing so well. 

What I Am Watching

It was a boring month for watching new things. I did start the Gentlemen and am really enjoying it. 

Jack and I are watching the Good Place, we are almost done but it is getting a bit MEH. 

We watched Mrs Doubtfire – it was the kids first time. I remember it being a lot funnier than it was but it was still pretty good. 

We also watched Spy which I really enjoyed. Melissa McCarthy is so great in pretty much everything. 

Who I Saw

I caught up with an old friend at Jack’s paintball event. She also homeschools but we haven’t spoken in years, it was nice to catch up. 

Eve and I went for a delicious lunch at Alfies in Hazelwood.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet month for get togethers. 

How was your March?



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