February is the month of love and we definitely celebrated those we love.

February seemed to be over before it really started! I know it is a short month but it is also a busy month which made it go by a lot faster. 

The Highlights

  • Emma turned 10 on the 10th, so we had a party that started at 10h00 with 10 friends. It was a games themed swimming party that was a little bit of chaos but lots of fun. 
  • My garden kept blossoming. We got 2 huge butternuts, some chillis, a few tomatoes, lots of lettuce and my coriander is growing like wild fire. The garden looks super messy but it seems to function best like that. 
  • David and I renewed our drivers licenses in 2 hours, which if you know anything about SA, is pretty quick. 
  • We got about 3l of “juice” from our Bokashi bin for our garden which was very exciting. 

What I Watched

I watched a few movies in February, I generally stick to series but we watched a few good ones. 

Equalizer 3 was good, a little to unnecessarily violent but I did enjoy it. 

David thought The People We Hate at Weddings was boring but I enjoyed it. It was silly but perfect for a lazy weekend watch. 

Grown Ups was ridiculous. I am not a big Adam Sandler fan but it was one of his lighter movies so was easy to watch. 

I caught up on the latest Jack Ryan season which was great but ended on such a cliff hanger.

And my one and only reality TV binge is Below Deck and Below Deck Sailing Yacht had a new season out and it did not disappoint. 

Who I Saw

A lot of Emma’s friends have birthdays in February so we had a few social gatherings to celebrate birthdays. 

It was also David’s bff’s son’s birthday so we caught up with a few of our friends.

Che and I had a catch up which always fills my cup a little. 

How was your February?



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