From the moment we got back from Cape Town in January it has been go go go go – we have had plans every single weekend, often both days. I have been working every Saturday.

It’s been pretty crazy so this weekend I was determined to do NOTHING. Go NOWHERE (apart from work on Saturday) and just CHILL at home.

It was bliss. On Saturday afternoon the kids were swimming, Jack was cruising around and David and I were watching TV and he said “When last did we do this? Its so nice” – EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love going out, I love spending time with friends but every now and then spending a weekend and home recharging is pure bliss.

The kids caught up on all their projects, I did some decluttering and tidying (and found the missing post box and back door key), David made the most amazing potjie, Kiara cleaned her room, we stayed in bed late, we washed Lucy and cleaned the other pets. In a word we pottered around the house and it was just what I needed.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Do you recharge?



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  1. That sounds like my default weekend. The weeks for me are so incredibly insane that on weekends I get my running and horse riding out of the way and spend the rest of the day mooching around and recharging my batteries.

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