Trees for Zambia

My friend Nicci, who is also one of my bridesmaids, sent me a threat message  yesterday and asked me to please blog about her tree campaign – if I refused she would not be able to complete my wedding party and even out my numbers and right now I am rather OCD about the having things even. So I had to agree.

Ok she never really threatened me – not really – well it was implied and I have seen her working in her garden, dress, gumboots and pitch fork – trust me if she asks you to do it you don’t argue.

Anyway the cause she asked me to blog about is actually uber cool. Its called Trees for Zambia – basically what Greenpop are doing is trying to deforestation mess in Zambia.

Obviously these kinds of things need help – which is where we come in. You can purchase a tree online here. Then you get a certificate and the GPS co-ordinates of where your tree is planted. Cool hey!!!! Its all legit and safe and what not.

The OTHER benefit YOU get is that next year when I get married – I will have 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen AND when we honeymoon in Zambia I will be able to see all the pretty you guys have helped make. See I am all about the giving here people!!!!

Seriously though – it’s R120 but the reward will last years and years and when our kids want to get married in Zambia – they will be able to do it under the trees WE planted!!!!



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