What does it take to be summer ready – a woman’s tale of woe!

On Saturday as I lay on a massage bed having my underarm hairs rather unceremoniously ripped from my body, it dawned on me that the seasonal transition is extremely easy for men but not so for my fellow women!

While the perception is that men have life easier in general, this specific area is definitely one that they have the upper hand!

Men, for example, do not have to endure having hot wax smothered on their underarms and the hair ripped out force.

This is not the only discomfort they do not have to endure as the seasons change from cold the colder weather to the hot summer days we all love.

Not only do men not have to worry about the amount of underarm hair they have but they can pull out their shorts, put them on and leave the house. No man will be lock himself in the bathroom armed with the garden cutters and cut their leg hair short enough so they can actually shave it. No man will endure wearing long pants just because they forgot to shave. No men and their body hair are one!Getting Summer Ready|HarassedMom

Men also don’t really seem to have to worry about their feet. David and my dad have the smoothest feet you will ever find on anyone. September arrives and they wear their flip flops with pride! Women are not so lucky! The closer we get t the 1 September the more we lather in cream, dip into paraffin waxes, fill cracks, scrape off dead skin and pray the first warm spell is late this year. No one wants to start summer with cracked heels!

Sweat! Men will never know the lengths women go to to not sweat or at the very list to hide it. No one wants to walk around with beads of salty water running down the side of their face or causing wet patches under their pretty summer tops! Men don’t seem to care and women actually share images of men working out with sweat running down their bodies – no one does that for women! No we have to all but rub roll on all over our faces to prevent the sweat from destroying our make up ruining our hair!

Men don’t fear the bikini like we do. The grab a pair of shorts and they are sorted, hours of poolside fun! They don’t have try to fit their bodies into costumes designed for Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie. They don’t have to bikini wax and they certainly don’t have to jump into the pool and worry their top may expose their boobs!Getting Summer Ready|HarassedMom

Men don’t need an entire new wardrobe when the winter chills leave. There work clothes generally stay the same. Women aren’t so lucky! You can’t really wear your winter boots when the thermometer is notching 33 degrees. Jackets are replaced with cool shirts, scarves are packed away and sandals, strappy tops, short skirts and shorts are bought out. For many of us we no longer fit into the summer clothes which leads to weeks of angst that men just don’t seem to experience.

Life really is easier for me – especially when it comes to the seasons changing!



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  1. Being a Durban girl apart from being “beach ready” its the thought of not having that summer glow and hoping you don’t look like a beached whale when you step into the pool or beach

  2. I’m lucky in that my body hair is incredibly fine and mostly light in colour, so it’s not that obvious when I don’t shave for a while. But it is a pain. Especially the bikini area!
    MeeA recently posted…Goodbye, GabyMy Profile

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