Hey, it's ok!

Back in the day when bloggers used to blog for the sheer joy of writing, we used to often join in link up parties. They were so much fun. I stumbled upon this blog and she is doing a little link party and I liked the prompt so I decided to take part. 

Hey, it’s ok….

….to spend all weekend watching (and rewatching) Bridgeton. 

….to take a nap in the middle of the day. Work will still be there when you wake up. 

….to have an extra piece of cake. 

….to not enjoy every moment of being a parent. 

….to stay in bed a little longer and watch a little too much TikTok.

….to buy that thing you really want.

….to go to gym and not enjoy it. I am back in the gym but still not enjoying it.

….to be scared. I have had 3 triggering physio appointments. Each one bought up feelings and emotions I wasn’t expecting. But each time, it did get a little easier. 



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