When she was about 2 years old Kiara decided she was ready to dress herself. I tried to get her to wear cute matching outfits but she was having none of it. From then on, she had a very vocal say in what she wore and what she didn’t but she is also very much like me and shopping isn’t her favourite thing to do. Emma, however, loves to shop. She loves kids clothing. She does also have her own unique sense of style but she does want to explore more when it comes to shopping.

She is also at the age where we have to buy a new wardrobe when the seasons change. We are busy adding in new winter items now, so we have been browsing Superbalist. If you shop on Superbalist you might have noticed that some of the items have a “conscious” tag on them, this means these items are a more conscious shopping choice! I love that they are doing this, it means we can now make informed choices about the clothes we buy.

Emma and I have put together a list of our favourite kids clothing for you to explore more on Superbalist.  

  • Winter pjs: One of the benefits of homeschooling is that the kids spend a lot of time in their pjs, especially in winter. We both loved these pjs, they are simple but still super cute. There are 4 different designs to choose from – they are all really cute.
  • Harry Potter PJ’s: The kids are both Harry Potter fans, making this set perfect. We also like that the pants have a cuff on them, it helps prevent them from sliding up during the night.
  • Basic long sleeve t-shirts: I will admit I loved this shirt a little more than Emma did. There are four different really funky designs to choose from.
  • Hoodies: We all love hoodies. These ones come in 7 different colours, one for every day.
  • Track pants: While both Emma and I both prefer leggings; she does like a baggy tracksuit pants and they are nice to wear over her gymnastics clothes.
  • Leggings: We both live in leggings during the winter months. With these ones from Adidas I know they will survive Emma’s constant need to move.
  • Basic short sleeve t-shirts: Winters in SA are cold but they also aren’t so often we end up layering up over basic t-shirts. Adidas is one of those brands that seem to be very focused on sustainability, making this shirt an obvious choice. This one is also super cute.
  • Shoes: Emma is active, she is always on the go, doing cartwheels and back bends and jumping on something – she needs shoes that will last – at least until she outgrows them.
  • Socks: All of my kids have had a love hate relationship with socks at some point. Emma has settled on these socks, so we stick to what we know.
  • And a beanie. No winter collection is complete without a beanie, right?

Not all of her choices are the same as the ones I would make but it is so much fun watching Emma find her own taste and style, it makes shopping a lot more fun.

Not all of her choices are the same as the ones I would make but it is so much fun watching Emma find her own taste and style, it makes shopping a lot more fun.

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  1. These pajamas are so adorable! We are experiencing winter here in Australia, and most of us at home are in our PJs most of the time.

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