Lessons Learnt from Gardening

Gardening is about so much more than just growing some plants. There are many valuable life lessons lurking in between the carrots and lettuce.

Lessons Learnt From Gardening

  • “Watching something grow is good for morale. It helps us believe in life.” —Myron Kaufmann

I am I honest I am did not think I would ever become a garden person. I don’t, historically, have a green thumb and I am not particularly patient. But I have stuck with it and eventually my little veggie garden is starting to grow so nicely. It has not been without challenge though and we have started and restarted this garden a few times over the years – learning more and more each time. 

These are a few of the lessons I have learnt (sometimes unwillingly) about gardening. 

1. Patience. You need lots and lots and patience. Nothing happens quickly in nature. It takes time and needs nurturing and the space to grow. 

2. Resilience. I can’t tell you how many plants have died, both in our garden and in our indoor plant collection. I have tried and tried to grow coriander – I keep failing but I am determined to get it right. I have lost so many butternut to bugs. It can be soul destroying but I keep trying. I learn more, change things and plant seeds again!

3.The power of being grounded in the earth. Spending time in my garden, getting my hands dirty and feeling the earth under my feet is so grounding. When life gets chaotic or my anxiety is high, I spend some time replanting, clearing out or just walking around in the garden and I feel better every time. 

4. Sense of accomplishment. Very few things beat seeing tomatoes grow and form to beautiful plump fruit. Or your son picking lettuce from the garden for his lunch. Or finally succeeding at growing basil. 

5. Faith. Sometimes you have to have a little faith that something will grow. That the bugs will leave it alone and you will be able to pick it. That the onions will eventually grow big enough to pick.

6. Life is all about seasons. The basil may die for the winter, but it will regrow. The sage will bloom, and then it won’t. You need to appreciate the seasons of abundance just as much as the seasons of growth. Nothing lasts forever. 

Do you spend time in your garden? What has it taught you?



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