We made our circle bigger and got a new little puppy a few weeks ago. I was never going to be prepared for the chaos that has ensued.

Lessons I Have Learnt About Getting a Puppy

Emma has been asking for a puppy for probably almost a year. We have said no and no and no for almost a year. She is still small and a dog, as we all know, is a big responsibility. So we were hoping she would lose interest, and she did for brief periods but kept coming back to asking for a puppy!

Then my husband, who belongs to every Whatsapp group he can, saw a message that there were a litter of Dachshunds available to adopt. They were from the same rescue place that we got Kobe and obviously the pictures they shared were super cute! We didn’t tell Emma initially but he did start the process. Long story short the puppy came home about 6 weeks ago!

It has been 6 weeks of complete and utter CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea that something so small could cause this much chaos. 

Lessons Learnt

But, because I am an adult I am approaching this as a adventure and learning the lessons. 

  1. Small dogs = large mess. Don’t assume that just because a sausage dog is small, they won’t make a big mess. This puppy, named Cocoa, has made more mess in my house than when all four kids were small. She has ripped apart all of my seedling trays – INSIDE the house. She ripped apart egg trays, potato bags, random bits of paper. She hates having specks in her water bowl so tries to get them out and then creates a puddle in the kitchen which she then spreads. She spreads her toys out all over the house.  We take things away, she finds more. 
  2. Patience. As if 4 kids didn’t teach me patience, this little ball of furs is making sure I am the most patient person in the world. I patiently move her away from Kobe’s food bowl. I patiently tell her 55212521 times a day to stop barking. I patiently pick up the mess. I patiently wait for her to stop trying to get onto my bed (and then eventually let her on). 
  3. Being small doesn’t hold you back….from anything. She may be small but she “fights” for what she wants, which is everything Kobe has. David reprimands her, she is like “WHAAAT” and just does what she wants anyway. She is actually too small to jump up onto the bed/couch/table but she tries and tries until she does and she does every single time.
  4. Puppies are natural mood lifters. I have been having a tough time emotionally lately but you can’t help but laugh when she comes prancing past with a coke bottle that is bigger than she is. 
  5. I will NEVER have my bed to myself. EVER! Just when we got Emma from coming to us in the middle of the night, we got Kobe, who believes my side of the bed is actually his. He graciously allows me to lie there but on his terms. And now Cocoa comes through to us in the early morning.  

Even though our lives are back to chaos, I wouldn’t change it for the world. The joy this little ball of chaos brings to our lives is priceless. 

If you are looking to make your family circle bigger, adopt from Woodrock Animal Rescue. They have far too many furry friends looking for loving homes. 

Lessons from New Puppy | Living Life with HarassedMom



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  1. Your new puppy is so adorable! I had to smile as I read through this article as I had a similar experience with our last puppy. Yes – it is worth the chaos in the long-run.

  2. This is a really interesting read as I’m considering getting a puppy latter part of this year. Such a cutie and I will be pinning your post for later xx

  3. The journey from resisting Emma’s persistent puppy requests to unexpectedly finding a Dachshund through the rescue is such a heartwarming tale. The pictures must have been irresistible! Wishing you all the patience and cuddles as you navigate through the chaos of puppyhood. Here’s to many more moments of laughter and love with your adorable new addition!

  4. This post definitely made my day! I felt happy reading it and the joy that little puppy brings to our lives are truly magical indeed.

  5. What a beautiful little puppy! Having a new pet is not easy and so much time and patience is needed hence why I have yet to get one. Your post shed some light on what to expect

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