“Being a good neighbor is an art which makes life richer.” — Gladys Taber

Lessons Learnt From My Neighbour

I was busy chopping up vegetables to freeze the other day, something my neighbour had been doing the week before. It got me thinking about all the things my neighbors has taught/reminded me about so in true blogger form, I decided to start a whole series on lessons people have taught me!

We have lived in our current home for 13 years. We live in a complex so we have a few neighbors’ but 3 years ago we got a new neighbors directly next door and it has been such an incredibly positive experience. They also have a large family, so understand the dynamics of a lot of kids in the house and how important it is to budget. They also have a very deep sense of community, which I think is why the experience has been so positive. 

What we have learnt from our neighbours

  • We discovered one of our favourite meals and it’s completely meat-free. A delicious tomato and butter bean soup. This is noteworthy because I have a kid who doesn’t really enjoy vegetables. 
  • She taught me how to fold my own envelopes. Sounds silly but it has helped me a lot when Emma needs karate money.
  • We have been reminded that boundaries don’t always have to be negative, in fact they can actually nurture positive relationships. 
  • They have reminded me to always check the hospice shop first. We don’t really have nice thrift stores here and the hospice shop is a little chaotic but it is my go to now when I need something. 
  • I have learnt so much about plants from them. We both have a healthy number of plants growing in our homes.
  • The value of a good cup of coffee, a cry and a friend. The day I found out about Ansie’s passing, I was at C’s dining room table. I shared which led her to share some stuff happening with her. We both had a small cry and hugged it out. 
  • We are trustees of our complex and together we have learnt so much about irrigation systems, security, building walls and so much more. I would never have done this had she not gently nudged me. 
  • Unconditional kindness. My whole family has been shown such unconditional kindness by their whole family. It has changed how we all act. 
  • The meaning of a village. I haven’t really had a village for a while but we have one now and everyone needs to have one. Not just people you can go to coffee with but someone you can message and say “I am struggling” and they are there, no questions asked. 

What lessons have you learnt from your neigbours?



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