Life Lately – January Round Up

January was a blur of activity. It has been years (literally) since we were so busy during January. Everyone here seems to be completely over this pandemic and so parties are being rescheduled, sports activities are opening up and we are just going about living our lives again!

A quick summary of what happened in January.

2 Friend birthday celebrations that included a pool party in the rain which ended up being lots of fun.

1 Family birthday dinner for David.

1 Braai with friends.

15 Yoga sessions

Third attempt at veganuary – I managed at least 16 days completely animal product free. I try do this every year and each year it gets easier and while I do still eat meat, the amount I eat has decreased dramatically over the past 3 years.

3 Homeschool socials.

2 Teen kids moved into their own flat.

1 Teen kid successfully completed her college orientation. On her own. In a new city.

2 In person client meetings (and lots of online meetings). I think I have been into the office more this year so far than the whole of last year.

3 Bubbling sourdough starters with 3 attempts at sourdough bread. I have tried to get a sourdough starter going a few times but this is the first time it has taken off and now I can’t slow it down.

Lots of time with my plants and veggie garden.

Lots of family time – just being at home together.

I am hoping that January didn’t set the tone for the year – I really don’t like this sense of rush from here to there. That said, February hasn’t started any calmer with more birthday parties, karate competitions and work commitments for both David and I!

How was your 2022 started?



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